Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

This week has been an interesting one! My comp is all bout the work.. its kinda bi-polar, but I have had many spiritual uplifting experiences this week so it’s my turn to push him again as we work up this next hill! I've really been behind in my journal. Sometime in Savanna-la-mar I plateaued and things haven't been the same since.. just got a little lazy due to "heeding" others (1 nephi 8) but as I’ve started doing the little things.. time is picking up and things are working out so nice. I’m getting caught up on my journal, only 6 weeks behind now... and starting to study early again. It’s been really nice and so helpful in the week! We had many good lessons this week. Had to teach them with a member present.. cuz my companion, I love him, but having bad days wouldn't say anything during lessons.. and it would really sour my attitude. But my testimony of the scriptures has grown so much. After each teaching appointment whether it was down time of 15mins or 5, I would whip out my scriptures and pray and read.. and all feelings of bitterness, anger, frustration would leave. Scriptures are powerful. I wish people honestly would just take 15 mins a day to prayerfully study and apply them and there is no way that you would miss the spiritual manifestation that they are true! That God truly loves and cares for us!  The prophets care about us! So excited to hear from them this week!! 
Had a trade off with Elder Bateman this thursday evening and we had a family home evening lesson. I taught on testimony and everyone just pitched in.. and it was powerful! Learned that everything we do is backed by a testimony of some sort. Like where to send our kids to school, where to shop, what kind of car to buy. Everythin! Testimonies are sooo important and it’s important that we share them! Just like if you know that this doctor office is the best, and will give the best service and price.. you will sometimes spend hours to convince a good friend of that! It should be the same with the gospel! We know what is best, and we share what we know! Be bold, be brief, be brilliant! 
Really been trying to remember my calling this past week, and the power and spirit has been tremendous! It’s been a while since this strong and it feels good. My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is 1 Nephi 8.  It sometimes feels as if the iron rod goes through the spacious building. We really have to "cling" to the iron rod. Have to. And as we do that we won’t "heed" those things of the world calling out for our attention. 
I was also given the opportunity to give some blessings this week.  It really is a serious effort we have to make to be ready for the spirit to speak. D&C 88:81 consistent desire to have the spirit is key.  This week I really felt it especially during prayers. Sometimes the spirit is weak.. sometimes it’s awesome! And I can totally feel it guiding me. Guess that is one of the challenges, looking for and following the spirit. Feels good to be moving forward again and not plateaued or staying the same! Thanks for the prayers. They are felt and needed. We have no one progressing right now... but soon come conference, better help with some faith building!! Love you all and hope you all have a fantastic spring break and merry April fools tomorrow!!!!! Bless up! Nuff love! 
Elder WIlkerson 

More painting at Sister Segrees home!

3,2,1..chop, chop, chop

Finsihed product between our race to the end! My side went first.

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