Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

This week for us was awesome as we planned with faith every day and got much accomplished as we were able to work on some serious goals and exercise our faith in our members as well! We didn't have a single lesson without a member this week and it helped NUFF!! We did service a lot this week and that also lightened the week. We mixed concrete for Pres Singh, painted for Sister Segree, and framed a house with Bro Lamee! (thanks dad for showing me what’s up, it could have been worse..) We really realized this week we gotta take it back to the fundamentals. Our investigators know a lot but our doing those small things and with members present it’s starting to get in their heads and we are seeing some progression. but I think a big lack was our faith so it’s almost like starting over in a sense. But as we focus our studies on our lessons that day. have a serious comp study, and think bout/have daily contact with investigators, things start to happen!! Crazy huh! It’s all in Preach My Gospel! Guess I don't know it too well or have forgotten due to lack of studying it. so again I have put away Jesus the Christ and other books like that to focus on the basics and boost my faith back up in the basics and hopefully keep it that way!! It’s hard to be diligent.. but I think once we really humble ourselves, follow God’s will and the Spirit, we forget ourselves and time flies, the work goes better and in the end even though we are more tired we are more happy and satisfied! When the going gets too hard to stand, we kneel until we collect that strength to stand and get moving forward again! I’m starting to figure that out, maybe I'm slow, but hopefully it sticks!! We have really been trying to focus on what the Lord wants us to do with our time, to look for those people placed in our path and help them, love them and nourish them x19(Jacob 5) until they progress!! We had a few opportunities to do that this week! One of the tender mercies of this week was Kimone. She is 21 and is in year 3rd year of law school and is smart and interested. We met her on the road a few weeks back and got her number, but were getting no response. She called us on Thursday and was ready to give up! (We have been sending out motivational quotes every morning to our phone book) she felt like we actually cared and could help. Luckily, she was right next door to a member’s house we were at and just heading to a family home evening. We took her with and was able to have a great talk bout the Book of Mormon and a little bit on prayer. She left the following day to Ochi, but has read the restoration pamphlet off, started Book of Mormon and spent a few hours on and has great questions! Super prepared, super blessing! As we trust God, we increase his trust in us, and opportunities arise unexpected, but we are prepared for them. We then get more responsibility, but in turn more blessings I would say! As long as we continue to look at things positively and with faith things seem to always work out! We had two other investigators at church, but none progressing at this point, soon come!! Just a blessed week overall and I can’t believe how short time is getting already! But just make the days count and don't count the days I reckon! Well, hope you all have a spectacular week, and keep your head up, no matter what!

Elder Wilkerson 
Painting with Sis. Segree

out of power..old school jamaican, be prepared!!

coal iron

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