Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Many amazing things are happening here in JA!!  The 1st temple trip was this last week! 189 Jamaicans going to the temple (in Dominican Republic)! About 100 youth doing baptisms for the dead for over 1200 names!! That is super! The spirit has been drenching us here in Jamaica! Both the temple trip, families being sealed and preparations for a stake with one of the 12 apostles coming June 7&8. Things are happening, no doubt! Another great resource we had this week was a popular tv show down here called 'Religious Hard talk'. I have yet to watch it! Supposedly, the office is getting us some copies! But President Brown and a member from Spanish Town and Portmore, they threw down and really blessed our missionary efforts! We got picked up in two cars this week from people saying something like "hey, you are those Christian Mormons right, get in, where are you going??" Boom, new investigator with a car and job and eager to learn. Thank goodness for broken bicycles!!! Lots of people being led to us and let’s just say we are happy! But standing with Gordon B Hinckley: "It is good, but it is not enough, with considerate effort we double these numbers". Awesome. It is happening. 
Brandon is looking to get baptized May 3rd we have his interview tomorrow at 5! Georgia’s should be the following due to health issues with her and her family! And then we continue.. many potential baptisms to look forward to, but to get there we must work harder and better! It’s been rough reaching the arrival point, but thankfully we have transfers this next week. A fresh approach, fresh view and ideas. 
This week we have been really working through investigators to find new people to teach. Even if the contact doesn’t go to us, we are all on the same team and are finding some solid people. 
So yep, think that is all I have to report on today. Life is good. Bless up!
Elder Wilkerson
i think this is the link for MORMONISM HARD TALK CHECK IT!!! :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

Easter was alright. It’s hard to keep any day really special when everyday is the same. But we had a spiritual thought with the missionaries at Sister Mac’s house. So we got to share a bit on it. 
Georgia was to get baptized. Passed her interview and President Brown encouraged us on all the potential in the yard! And they are warming up to us! BUT Georgia got sick and had to go to the hospital. Hopefully we can work something out for this week though! We finally got to start teaching her daughter that was a former.. roped her in with something she saw on TV.  It’s a show called religious hardtalk.  Past mission presidents and President Brown will be on it tonight.  But they just debate and try to prove us wrong.  The guy has been taught by missionaries and believes the church to be true but won’t join cuz he has to keep his show running! Anyways sounds interesting, maybe you will have to look it up! 
The week has been swell though. Many investigators pushing forward and things are going great. Lots of walking this week, but figured its best to be off the bikes for awhile and really talk with everyone! We have a lot to do in the midclass area but we wanna take some time out and try to do some finding in the"stoosh" part of Kingston! Need some bringers and not just takers. We need to baptize 5 more Priesthood holders to submit for our Stake here. So really big focus pon dat! Not much to report on other than we got a new Elders Quorum President  and President Peart is our new branch Mission Leader -  the guy is going to work miracles in this branch!! The yutes also have their temple trip this week and many families are getting sealed. So they will bring a new spirit back to JA! Very exciting, big steps to help the work progress!! Well, guess that’s all I really have to say this week. We have to take our shift at the hospital for Elder Norman here in a bit! He is just having some health difficulties, but should be alright! But love you all so much look forward to talk to you next week and seeing you in a few! :) liccamor

Elder WIlkerson

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week was really a great one. Elder Carter really evaluated our efforts and the work picked up! Crazy how that works! But this week really was blessed. We picked up some great new investigators -  2 from a street contact and one of course a referral from the Peart family! Great member missionaries! We got to meet a few times with Georgia and it looks like she will make her baptism for this weekend! We have her interview today with President Brown! We finally got to meet with Kimone again and Natasha as well.. they have become good friends and go to institute together.  Once one of them accepts baptism, the other probably will as well! But Georgia is so pumped and made many good changes! Her husband came to church on Sunday and some other family coming around! We have done service over there and hearts are softening, we soon get them man!!
 Working at Pres. Singh's (former Branch President)
 We finally got in the homes of some less actives this week! I don’t know how endowed members can be so stubborn! Man it kills me! Mosiah 4:10 was favorite scripture this week! If you believe these things.. see that you DO them!! Action is such a tough thing these days aint it. Living in a world where we just want hand outs. Read a cool talk bout this problem this week. How we still have to do something to get the blessing and help of the Lord. Found it on by David A Bednar- entitled "in the Strength of the Lord". We should ask for strength and not for things to be taken away!
Elder Lacey left Thursday morning. It was great to have him and have some more encouragement especially since Elder Carter was sick Tuesday and Wednesday, good to have someone to talk to! 
Nuff love! Bless up!

Elder Wilkerson!

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well, what can I say about this week? What not to say.. it’s been incredible! yes monday was scary with how much money we blew before even getting into april but it was necessary..We did some service at President Singhs on Tuesday. We used a one handed wheel barrow to move about 50 loads of chalk stone, and gravel into his yard. We are told to seek teaching opportunities out of service. Pres. Singhs has been slow, but as we received Dennis to work with, we were able to soften his heart with all the work being done there! He loved church but is a slow reader. We had a great first lesson with him. Very excited to help him understand! It really made me think why I want to help some people more than others. Yes, their attitude affects it and I think it starts to ruin mine. This week I really focused on seeing people how they can become with this knowledge as we teach it in such a way that they can’t deny it. That takes some power spirit! On Wednesday, I was asked to speak on power and authority of our calling! I found some sweet scriptures on the subject. Moses chapter 6 was a first favorite, verses 34 and 39 I believe talked bout Walking With God! That’s when the power came. That’s when people listened. So here is the soul question. How often do we walk With God? A couple times a day, several times, or do we strive to REMEMBER him always! Do we serve as D&C says in section 4, with heart, might, mind, and  strength?  Whoa. I have work to do personally. I could walk with God more. I could pray more, search answers for me or the investigators more. Many great things did I learn in preparation for that talk, but one of the other scriptures that stuck out was Helaman 5:17-19. The wording is so perfect! Oh, prophets are so sweet!! :) The words: might, should, Did stuck out. I’ll let you think about that! :) Pretty cool, revelation through scriptures really has all the answers!! We also learned about repentance. Boy have I not been teaching too well.. wish I could start the mish over! I have learned so much, but still know oh so little.. it was a great meeting and caused great reflecting. 
After, we had a trade off. Elder Jackson with Elder Carter and Elder Harris and I went to boulevard area! I learned so much from the guy. We love to mess around but when it’s the Lord’s time.. there is no stopping! We saw a family and just had a how to begin teaching with. It strengthened my testimony so much! So thankful for ancestors including parents and grandparents who stayed strong in the gospel so I didn’t have to grow up confused! These people know a lot!! But they are confused!! And hence know nothing at all.  It’s sad but strengthened my testimony in the church even though it is growing slowly in Jamaica. God has the reason tucked away, but we have the knowledge people are searching for! We have answers to prayers, deep soul questions and we are so blessed for that!! It was a powerful trade off and a good kickstart to the rest of my week! 
Oh, by the way, rain has been POURING!! We are back in hurricane season and mosquitoes are replenishing. Thursday was a mess due to it, but rewind real quick. Wednesday night we were prompted to walk and it lead to many tender mercies of the Lord showing us His hand in His Work! Shantel came and asked us for a Book of Mormon. She asked if we could set up an appointment for Thursday due to the fact she wanted to learn more about faith and repentance that she thought she was lacking in her life. That doesn’t happen every day. We did everything we could to see her that day. We finally were able to. Her life is a mess, but instead of cursing God she is turning to him all that she can. She read several chapters before we showed up. Yes, she is prepared, but that won’t mean it will be easy. Satan is aware. but we are going to work harder. FHE at the Bent’s we learned about GRACE! What a big, small word that is!! Friday morning Elder Lacey joined us as he is waiting for his work permit in the Bahamas to go through! It has been great to have a former house mate, and zone leader as a companion. I truly am being turned. I have been doing missionary things but lackest some things yet, maybe heart and mind. Anyways,

Georgia is doing great still preparing for the 19th
Natasha preparing for 19th
lost contact with Kimone this week.. and working with several others, but good things are happening. With more effort the lord will know we are ready for more people to help! 
General Conference was soooo amazing though right! So many things to learn and work on! I loved how it was centered a lot on the gospel and personal accountability or responsibility! Jeffrey R Holland! Still my favorite speaker. Blunt, bold, brief and brilliant!! Really enjoyed Priesthood session and David A Bednar’s as well! The last session I fell asleep in, but I made it through the talks just fell asleep in the singing and prayer. Really inspiring session though! Answered several of my questions and shared many scriptures I have been thinking about as I’m sure it did for you guys as well! We have such great leaders and teachers in the church! During the break we had 2 meal appointments on Sunday with Sister Mac and President Bonillas! Saturday we had interviews with President Brown! I love that man. Answers my questions and helps me understand my potential! Said I need to step it up, and as we heard the winds are going to blow harder so dig deeper, teach better, and love more! So much to do, so many choices, but we know what we might do, should do.. but what did, (or will) we do!! Helaman 5:17-19. Love you all and hope to hear your thoughts on conference and be uplifted through your thoughts and feelings as well! Build that foundation in Christ! Respect! :)

Elder Wilkerson