Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Well, the week what more to say. Christmas was busy, it was good to see everyone in the fam. Sorry for not being able to talk to some extended! But with all the busyness of the week, it was hard to see people. We got a few lessons in that were profound, soon talk to you about those. But mostly did a ton of contacting! On Christmas we made cookies and brownies for members and investigators. Something else that was good about this week though was we had a trade off in Negril. We split their area and I had the opportunity to serve with Elder Biddulph. From him I got to learn great teaching skills and how to just be chill with all that is going on. The motto from our branch mission leader would be: Jamaica no problem, people problem. We had some good contacts though that should be able to help build the branch. Turns out they only have like 10 active members... that’s stressing.
But one of our great lessons for the week was with a sweet lady named Joyce. She let us come over the day after Christmas. She usually brings a friend of her church to the meeting and they both try to tear us apart using the bible.. it doesn’t work though. Thankfully she is sincere in her tactfulness to confound us and still learn. But her friend couldn’t make it, so she invited her two daughters into the lesson. We taught more about the Book of Mormon after answering her 2 pages of concerns focused around my boy Joe Smith. You know the real cool thing about the church is that we can fulfill Alma 26. That we can boast in our God and his word because it makes sense and can confound any other doctrine combined with the spirit. Her meetings are some of my strongest in the mission. By the end it was cool to see that she believes it’s true, but is scared to pray and read it to find out if it is cuz she is a little older and would have to change all she has been doing. It will be a battle, but it was cool to see anyhow, just need prayers that she will follow the promptings she gets. Also that we will be able to work more with her daughters and family. 
We didn’t get to meet with Damion this week, but hopefully we will have a story this next week.
But that’s bout all for the week, Elder Johnson and Howard we took in to go home today so we have to hold down the fort in Mobay for the next couple of weeks. Crazy how close to time is coming, trying to find the balance between planning and not worrying about future plans. That’s probably the number one thing I struggle with is not stressing cuz I can’t seem to get it all done. 
Thanks for everything. Take care, I love you!

Elder Wilkerson 

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Monday we had to take elder Johnson in to the psychologist in Kingston, so that smoked the day, but we got to do a split in Boulevard. I had an opportunity to do some contacting with Elder Guerrerio again, it was sweet to practice some skills I have been learning from Elder Henderson bout really seeking out people’s desires and asking inspired questions before we jump on the gospel topic. It really helps with loving them. We have been handing out the christmas "he is the gift” cards and that has been a great tool no doubt. We used it again in the morning, as we got to do splits again with the other elders in Boulevard and got to hand out quite a few. It’s exciting to go to new areas and just contact. I think I would have loved tracting... haha, but I dont know. Tuesday evening we had Missionary Leadership Council with Elder Martinez and his dear wife from the seventy. It was great, learned quite a bit. forgot my note book, so not much to talk bout it. After at 6:30 we picked up a washer, drove to Saint Ann’s Bay to pick up the Port Antonio elders to stay with us that night cuz we had the Christmas party in the morning.We got home at like 11... slept, woke up at 5, wrote two talks and made breakfast and headed to the church to set up for zone conference/ christmas party. The meeting part was really good, talked more about finding and boosting our faith, finding the elect and visions and goals. Great meeting. Party was good, thanks for all the gifts. I had an interview with Elder Martinez after.
Thursday we got to spend some time in our area! We had a trade off, Elder Henderson stayed with Elder Johnson as he had to stay inside and rest all week and I took Elder Howard. We had a perfect day, no appointments fell through, not one! Haha. We used the “He is the gift” video and talked about Christ with our less actives, what a powerful spirit it brought! Each time was just sweet, which I probably needed, always can use an increased testimony of the atonement and keep it in mind more, should be always! We met with Natanya and had to read with her but she was at least excited to meet which is a good start. 
Friday was probably one of the more highlighting days! Not too successful in the morning, but the evening was good, as we also had the branch Christmas party.  But I forgot to tell you earlier in the week, I think Wednesday, we prayed for guidance as we contacted and drove to an area. We get out of the car and not even 10 secs out a lady 3 stories up calls out to us and asks us to come up. Whoa. So we run up there, and set up an appointment for Friday. Anyways, she is Pentecostal and brought one of her long time member friends and the first thing they said was teach us all you do today using the bible okay?! Haha, okay.. we wanted to use our tool that has been given to us, and didn’t really want to bible bash, but as Pres Brown has said. " don’t bash, but if you do, win." It was sweet! We were lead to scripture after scripture backing up especially the nature of God, prophets, apostasy, gifts of tongues, authority, and so on. It was so cool, cuz it was light and spiritual. They actually wanted to learn, and we had things brought to our memory.  And it was even cool that I had a hard core stupor of thought as I wanted to share one more apostasy example from Timothy, but no matter how many times I flipped through it, I couldn’t find it. It had to be a good thing, cuz I just wanted to prove that 7th day Pentecostal was not the way to roll. Haha. But we are seeing them next week.  Saturday was lots of contacting again, and pondering on the zone, and that’s when I learned we just got to do all that’s in our power, cuz it was stressin me out! Just big up and love, and as we feel loved and trusted, that’s when we will work harder and not be discouraged. And even though numbers are low, they will eventually clear up, instead of discouraging and getting down about it all. I guess I have just learned to do all we can, serve with all we got, but don't let the little things that are out of our control bug, frustrate, or discourage us! We big up, inspire, bless, and serve all we can and leave the rest to the Lord, cuz it truly is His work.  I am excited, but I just want to finish strong.
Sunday we had another trade off. But it’s good to just be here in Mo Bay today and chill out a bit. We are going to Port Antonio for a trade off tonight. But thanks for listening to my rambling, I know I need to start working on making my emails more spiritual instead of just a day to day check list, but we will talk soon! Love ya!

Elder WIlkerson

Note from an excited Mom:  We got Sterling's travel info this week!  He will fly home on Feb. 26!! Since that next Sunday is fast Sunday, I'm assuming that he will speak on March 8.  We will be switching to the 1:00 schedule so Sacrament meeting will begin at 2:50.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Well shoot, I always feel so bad when I cut our emails short, but I guess the Lord is really pushing me to be busy and finish hard. When I feel it is hard enough there is always more mountains to climb and we are going to need more strength to accomplish them! This week was nuts indeed. Started with 17 hour driving. That smoked our Monday and then Tuesday was good. I had Elder Havili as my companion as Elder Whitlock went assistant to the president. We had a good day and then finished it with some splits in Elder Carter and Lafeyette’s area. It was also Elder Carter’s last day and he stayed the night with us. In the morning, it was great to talk with him and see the progress in us both throughout the rest of our missions! So Wednesday was transfers. I picked up Elder Henderson for my next companion there. I got to serve around him a bit in Kingston, the guy is amazing. Super energetic and ready to go all the time which is great, we got lots to do this transfer. We got back with about 40 minutes to spare and Elder Henderson just coming from Bahamas wanted to knock doors! Man, it’s the first time I have done that. I quite enjoyed it!! And it seems like it will be more fruitful than catching people on the streets who are somewhat forced to talk to you. I’m shore it looks different from other missions, but we got a lot of finding to do. Our area has kinda been suffering. We had to have a few drop lessons this week, but I was thankful that they were really powerful and the spirit was felt strong and differently for these people. As we had our companionship council this week Elder Henderson said I could work on loving the people and area more and that would help me feel the desire to be here more. (he asks lots of questions).. but it’s cool, our companionship is off to a good start.  It’s been weird adjusting with soo many different personalities. It’s really making me stretch. But we had some good experiences this week, meeting with an apostle of the lord with the priesthood authority from the pentecostal faith, and also being ran off some porches (everyone has to have one of those), it’s probably from knocking doors cuz that had never happened before in my mission and I only had 3 months to go! But things are going well. We are about to leave the mission office cuz we  had to drive into Kingston again today to bring a missionary to the doctor. We have mlc tomorrow, and christmas/zone conference with Elder Martinez from the 2nd quorum of the seventy Wednesday.  Love you all -  so glad to hear all the great things that are going on back home! Keep up the strong work!

E Wilkerson

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Well gosh, I hate to be short, but sometimes it happens and today is one.  
Thanksgiving was good. We spent it at the Hilton as we were invited by a few tourists that are CEO from a company Elder Whitlock worked at and Elder Carter new him so it was sweet spending some time with some millionaires! 
Zone meeting did go super well! We talked about the Christmas initiative that the church is putting on. With the youtube take over and the New York times square ads it’s going to make a big difference in the mission. Plus each companionship is to hand out 10 cards! And that’s one thing we talked about in zone meeting that we need to open our mouths more!!! So that will help a lot and increase attitude and desire. 
Church was good, we had 3 investigators there. 2 are new -  Jenny from Peru and Jackie from Bahama -, both will be going back to their countries in like 6 months..
Had some great trade offs and learned some other things,but today we have lots of things to do for transfers. We have been driving since 5, quickly email you and send in gas receipts and back to Mo Bay, Ochi and possibly Sav. Already have been in Kingston  and Port Antonio today. It’s raining hard, lots of rock slides and mud slides through Stony Hill, one of my favorite roads to drive, and probably the most dangerous. But all is well. Love you, sorry for short details.
Nuff love

Elder Wilkerson