Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17. 2014

This week was short! We had zone meeting this week on the atonement and making sure we are applying the gospel as we teach it! It was really good! The other thing that occupied our week was Service!! It was great and found many potentials through it! We moved chalk stone from the street up to a 3rd story home that we have been working on every week since we got here!! Started on the first floor and now we are nearing the finish. also chopped yard and trees for President Peart (one of which I fell with as a branch snapped as I was chopping it further up which was dumb cuz it took me like 15 minutes swinging at it.. but tender mercies of falling with machete in hand 20 feet and only walking away with a few bloody scrapes!) We are going to finish off that big old gunip tree next week!!! Also washed clothes, chopped yard and raked at a less active’s house in which we found a family we are going to go see next week! So an awesome week according to physical labor and tender mercies of people being there to have hearts softened and want to learn more of what we are about!

Grandma Brown and Jovis

One of our big focuses for the week was a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Many members don’t even study daily due to us probably baptizing them without that focus! So we have read 1 Nephi a lot this week as we start to clear that up and teach better with it! What a powerful book in conversion.. and as  they gain that testimony early on, the other doctrines can be taught in 10 minutes and so much more receptive! Many of our investigators moved to another area so we need to find again - can never be content with what we have it could be gone any minute, no security! It was also cool to use the Book of Mormon to confound the wise. Haha.. I know my bible pretty well as I do love the bible bashes, but this one we got in with 7th days this week, I really wanted to help them understand so every time they asked us to explain something we referred back to knowing if the Book of Mormon is true and just bearing testimony and inviting them to read. After awhile they finally excepted the challenge and asked if they could come to church! Sweet! "Be bold. Be brief. Be brillant. Book of Mormon!" The spirit wasn’t really there and we were able to help them acknowledge that.. so slowly one person at a time we will bring them the truth!
So the week was pretty sweet. I’m looking forward to tomorrow - we are having zone conference in Spanish Town! But to finish the week off strong, we had the opportunity to speak in church on missionary work for 10 minutes each. Got that call Saturday night so that was great, haha. I focused most of mine on being a friend and serving using Preach My Gospel pg 160 and 168 and also a talk from M Russell Ballard last conference! So excited for that as well! Thanks for your love and support! Keep praying and studying those awesome words of God! Liccamor!

Elder Wilkerson

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