Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

It is a weird feeling to be on the downhill side of the mission. I still feel like I just left the MTC to be honest. I have learned so much, but everytime we have a meeting I remember just how far I still have to go and how I wish I knew the things being taught before the mission started! But that’s how we learn and progress! A pretty awesome plan our Father has set out for us indeed! We had an alright week! You know as Gordon B Hinckley says:" those that keep a positive attitude tend to find that things always work out." We had some interesting experiences this week and i would say some very uplifting ones as well! 
Monday to start the week was great, and to end it we went and saw a less active family and talked about the Gospel and watched a talk from President Monson. I learned a lot and sounds like they did as well! The spirit was so tangible there and in result more of the family came out to church, but we ain’t got the father yet. Soon Come!!! Their Faith is growing and it is the First step. Without it we don't progress! The lessons, scripture reading, praying and all the gospel has to offer must start with faith or it does us nothing! This is a big concern that we addressed for our zone in zone meeting on wednesday. We have had like 2 baptisms in the zone last month and we all learned bout faith and needing to repent and REMEMBER the big guy in charge, that only through trust, relying and working through Him would we find success! Also had a thorough rebuking in (helaman 12:1-5) talks about how quick we forget him after he blesses us soooo much!! It’s terrible.. but we do it.. and now that we recognize it hopefully we never forget it! Also learned about planning with faith, think as if our investigators are going to succeed and learn, and come to church, and read and whatever else! Think positive and throw out the doubt, cuz that’s where we were faultering. Great spiritual infested meeting :) 
On the like more mixed side of the week, we had an awesome weird-me-out potential investigator situation pop up. It is true that God works in mysterious ways! Elder Carter had a doctor appointment this week and right before we left to it, it was pouring rain and wasn’t going to let up! So hey, whatever, that’s when we look best as dedicated servants of the Lord, riding through flooded streets on our bicycles! So we head out and get to the doctor soaking wet! We go in and try to shake off but still look like a mess. Anyway, we sit down and get comfortable and Elder Carter gets taken back and then one of the nurses comes out and tells me to follow her. she seemed a little irritated maybe cuz we got the floor all wet! Probably just thought we were the biggest jokes, but I finally follow her and she takes me to the end of the hall and into their wash room. By this time I’m totally weirded out and wondering where my companion is and what’s goin on. She tells me to undress and throw my clothes in the dryer with Elder Carter’s clothes and hands me a key and tells me to lock myself in there til the load is done and then leaves!! Haha, weird! And very nice! While I’m waiting I’m trying to study in this sheet (only thing in the room to wear) but couldn’t. I got prompted to write my testimony in a Book of Mormon and thank her. Pretty weird, cool experience! We are seeing her next week! So yah, think of it as how you want! 
And of no spiritual value I guess would be going to Usain Bolt’s restaurant (Tracks and Records) for 1 year mark with the other elders in Kingston. The food and service wasn’t too great, but the building was awesome and very distracting with futbol playing on every TV! Sorry, I don’t have a 1 year speech or anything.. but it was good to have some time to reflect on things I have learned thus far and how they will forever impact my life!! Missions are great! Expensive.. not as much as I guess you would pay to go to a camp to learn tons life changing goodness, but you don’t count the cost, you just go and learn and love! 
This week we got some good things done and started to focus on our investigators reading and not so much attendance and somehow it slipped and no one showed up, but had 8 less actives back! So even moderation in missionary work and balance as well can be hard, but it’s an eternal law I think :) So we had to push some baptisms back but we are still moving forward! 
Probably my favorite quote of the week is "dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure, you get a lot of attention but mostly from pigs and flies!" Love you all! Bless Up!
Elder Wilkerson   

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