Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Round 2 - A little higher

p-day entertainment.. lay on the floor and throw coins in the fan trying to hit your companion! fun right?
So transfers came this week and me and Elder Carter are blessed to have another transfer together!! We had a really good week this week and have learned a lot! Seeing a lot of tender mercies in our area! 
Monday we were able to met with Kimone.  She didn't feel like she was in the mood to watch the Joseph Smith video like we planned, but we felt if she watched she would feel the spirit and feel much better! She did watch, and it cleared up many doubts from anti mormon stuff she has been given! She is receiving a lot of family opposition, but has a lot of faith and feels that what she is doing is right! And you can tell the spirit is working on her! She wants to meet with us more and is bringing great questions to the table! My faith is also increasing that we are able to answer her heart felt questions that people are seeking for for long time! Pretty awesome to be part of the True Church of Christ! :) We were able to get her to institute and that really was good. We scheduled for lots of young adults to be there and give her a warm welcome, the class was good and she said she would be there every week! She didn’t make it to church due to sleeping in, but felt bad and she and her 7th day cousins will be coming next week!! Exciting stuff! :) 
Zone Conference for the missionaries was on Tuesday! Boy, it was really good! It was mainly focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is our purpose to teach it and with the temple in mind with the enduring part and really teach towards covenant keeping and not just ordinance doing! Really good, I learned lots! One of my favorite and sad parts was Elder Ruesch sharing the importance of using time wisely. He loves numbers and mapped out our mission and showed that we only really serve a 6 month mission! like so: 2 years broken into time spent for us and the lord is rough: 8hrs sleep, 1.5hr morning prep, 2 hr study, 2hr, lunch and dinner, .5hr daily planning, 1hr prepare for bed, 1hr p-day(using the 7 day time), 1hr(being generous) for weekly planning church+other meetings, and 1hr for misc. traveltime, unexpected events and time wasted.. = 6 hours to proselyte per day! Wow!! Hope we can remember that!! Time is short.  He also did another study on our time from god.. if we live a 85 year life we are only approx. 2 hours away from God!! What? Boy, that’s crazy! Really cool though!!
Georgia is one of our other top investigators!  We were able to talk to her bout baptism covenant this week and she is working towards Easter Sunday for baptism! She has a large family that we want to start working with as well.. they weren't too fond of the idea at first but they are coming around, thanks to a strong reach out from the branch!! The members here are just so awesome and really starting to pick up in their responsibilities!! She came to church and enjoyed it. She is our progressing investigator right now! 
Another is Shane! He is 17 and has a lot of deep questions as everyone out here is required to take religion.. tha’ts gotta be hard cuz its all twisted towards the teachers opinion!! But it’s good, it really gets them thinking and they are easier to teach!! He will be coming to church next week, but hard to meet with, we can only see him once a week! 
Natasha is doing well too! She moved back in with Jovus, but the same senario happened again and she is living with the Peart’s again.  I think that is her final decision. Sister Peart has been so good to her and has got her a job at the school she works at so she can start moving forward with her life again!! So cool to see the changes in these people’s lives!! She came to church as well, just need to get her a date and she is solid!
Those are kinda our top brothers and sisters from the week!! A blessing indeed! We also have some others that we are kinda working with, but not going anywhere right now. Just keep nourishing, and thinking bout them through the week and help the branch help them and some good things will happen as we gain the Lord’s trust once more!! It’s really been a blessed week. I haven’t been sleeping too well, but I guess that’s something else to keep me humble and lookin to the lord and quite frankly I’m okay with having those experiences. It’s better to be kept at a happy medium than hitting a high and forgetting and having to start at rock bottom! One of the challenges is to learn to balance it all and still press forward. Thankful to be on this earth learning at this time! Goodness our heavenly father really does love us! I know my family loves me! Thankful for the support! The mission is rough, but learning oh so much! Hope I can be of help to those that strengthen me and my faith as well!! Doubt not, fear not.  Love you all and hope you all have a stupendous week!!! Nuff love, bless up!
Elder Wilkerson

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