Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Yah, Hero's day is pretty lame. I don’t even know if they party, but pretty much everything closes down and everyone stays home. I'm not real shore why, but that’s how it rolls. Yah, primary programs are great, they should do them here, but they do not. We barely have a primary here in Mobay, too many old folks. Soon change that though!! 
We have been making heavy preparations for zone meeting this week. We got bumped ahead 1 week, cuz someone from the Seventy was supposed to join us but won’t be able to. Yes, we procrastinated! But we are lookin good now! We plan to teach with the end in mind, really focused around finding families, and getting to the temple which of course you probably think is silly, cuz of course that is the goal, but with all the emphasis on baptism, our retention has been poor and we need a recap and also to focus us on finding the right people. The way the church will take off is easy stated in 6 words. families-families, doctrine-covenants, redeemed -sealed. Families are to save families whether extended, immediate, or just our spiritual brothers and sisters. We teach doctrines and make covenants. They are redeemed and sealed and stay that way more as they are supporting each other in living the gospel. I’m really excited for this meeting, and then just one more then zone conference. It’s terrible to state it that way, but boy it really is stressing. Maybe I just over think the whole thing. Just glad I’m not the mission president. I listened to a talk this week by Elder Holland. I believe it was called to serve, a talk he gave in 2002. But the story he shares about the wife and the bishop, so true. And I just want to BIG UP all of you that serve so faithfully and time consuming in your various callings, and good example!
This week was great though, yes we had transfers again. We just keep getting a more and more blessed zone. It really is cool, so much potential. Now just to can it and direct it in the right path. We really are doing well, but with more serving with our minds, we could be so much better off! Myself included. It’s a tough one it seems, but in the end it really is easiest. So like 10 hours off driving for transfers, minor details. We had some progressive lessons this week, even though none really solidly moving towards baptism right now, too many running the mouth.  One of which was Chrishnah, he really is awesome, great questions that are out of this world and twist your mind in so many ways, but sincere about it. Thankfully this lesson was able to channel all those questions. We listened to another Elder Holland talk, from 2013 conference “Lord I Believe”. It’s okay to have questions, and that truly is how we learn, but we must hold the ground we have and forever fan the flame of our faith! It was straight forward, no questions, if, ands, or buts and his faith is really growing. Also, he  was sharing with his friend things he knows about the pre earth life, something he use to struggle with! Yes! Another was a tender mercy of the Scarlett’s. We were planning to see them, but they weren’t answering the phone. No one really lived out by them so we were debating even going, but we were prompted to journey on. We got there and Brother Scarlett was chopping his yard, even though he is still recovering! Whatcha, thankfully we had 2 machetes in the van, and this is probably the first time I cut a whole yard in shirt and tie. Brian was just laughing the whole time, service really does soften people up. She really is going back to Utah this year to work, so that is kinda putting a dent in our plans, but we decided once we get them more serious(and this is a joke by the way, but I guess more of a dream) we will do a skype baptism. I’ll baptize Bro Scarlett and my dad can baptize her in Utah and it will be sweet! Haha! Cool story huh, but it’s still a work in progress!
A lot of our progression right now is coming from finding and working with less actives which really is some of my favorite visits, but eventually referrals will come from that effort I do know! So soon come! Patricia and family are the next ones that probably will get baptized. She hasn’t come to church yet cuz she has been sick, but is working towards Nov 30th baptism. And she also got the job at Mega Mart(biggest shopping center here) as the manager, so she is elect and just doing well. Things are going well, not much to complain about. I’m loving what I am learning as we give we get much more. As we teach we learn more. It’s a crazy system but it works fo realz! And maybe next week my email will be formatted correctly. I’'ve made a goal to be more ProFRESHinal! :) And I guess everything falls into that category. Which is kind of a tough battle, between worldly speech and Patwah or proper and respectful. I feel it’s easier to get along with everyone with gangster vibes, but guess there is a time and place for everything and that’s part of the test, to be balanced people! But love you all, take it easy!!

Elder Wilkerson 

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well this week has been good. It really has been, I wish I had time to tell you all about it, but we are shorted in our schedule. It happens sometimes and I’m just thankful I’m not an assistant who rarely have a pday.. but we had to run some missionaries around today and it’s hero day in Jamaica so everything is closed. We also took Romario Smith, a member here, to be set apart. He leaves Wednesday to England. but transfers we have to do tomorrow and Wednesday. There is still 4 other elders that need to email and I need to email President before 6. Just wanted to let you know all is well and thanks for your prayers and love, sorry to short change you on the update. I love you all. Have a blessed week.

Favorite scripture of the week: Alma 12:31-32? Anyways, I think it talks bout either we are growing our testimony or it will perish. So let us all work hard to become the person(s) God knows we can be. Respect!
Elder Wilkerson

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was really good overall! We left Monday afternoon to pick up Elder Dean in Sav, drove back to Mo Bay and picked up Elder G and Johnson, and then headed to Ochi. We stayed the night there.  I woke up in the morning and I had the chickingunya... it was terrible driving through the twist and turns in the early of the morning to get to the training meeting for the district leaders. But we got there and I missed most of the meeting, sleeping and shoving frozen bottles under my arms and legs to bring down the temp. From what I caught though, man I missed a great meeting.  2nd to last, Elder Whitlock and I taught on trade- offs and having a model area, but more of being a model missionary. It was alright, honestly I don’t remember much of it. But then we did the reverse order to take the elders home, staying in Mo Bay and then taking back Elder Dean in the morning to Sav. We stayed for his district meeting then we did a split with the elders in the Sav house. I went with Elder Dean and Keogler and Elder Whitlock biked with Elder packer and Gardner. Our day went really good, plus I was able to show them some members’ homes and also some people to check back, since it got white washed twice they were a little lost. I got to see Shereca and commit hee to coming back to church... sad, but thankfully she was honest and willing to improve. I can’t wait to be done and be able to talk to all my converts! Anyways, Thursday morning we got back in our area and went to work! 
We saw a good amount of less actives, and also had Shanna-lees baptism interview and all things ran really smooth. Friday was more interesting though. We met with the number 1 magician here in Jamaica, he said you could just YouTube Jamaican magician and he would probably come up. He is pretty good and really chill, both him and his wife do magic for career and she is a member, plus his car is super pimped out. I’ll just have to get a pic next time to show you what I mean, its unique needless to say. Anyways, he is confused and we are meeting with him again this week. Our focus this week was for families and part member families.  We also met with Angela and Joan who are both married( which is rare in JA) but we haven’t met their husbands yet. They want to know the Book of Mormon is true before they leave their church and visit ours, which is fair, I'd say the same thing. It truly has to be hard to change something you haven't been doing your whole life and believe it to be true. I have sooo much respect for ALL those that meet with us, really I don't think I would. 
Saturday was great though. We met with the Scarlett’s, they are the same as stated above, but they took the restoration very well, understood and very respectful. The spirit was soo strong there! Only part, and I swear it happens in EVERY lesson, is when we talk about the actual restoration, a dog barks, a baby cries, a gun shot, phone call, neighbor, anything to get rid of the touching spirit to let you know it’s true! Frustrating I say!But they are strong Baptist, committed to read and do more research before coming to church and accepting a date. But we got a return appointment to teach them the plan of salvation. We also were prompted to teach them about temples and priesthood right off the bat which we hardly ever do, but it was so cool.  We also met with Chrishnah who has been listening to the Book of Mormon in his car since he never has time to read. We were about ready to be forced to drop him cuz he is too busy, but that, the book of Mormon listening, has changed everything and he is making time 
to learn. Powerful!

Shanna-lees baptism was great.  The camera isn’t working properly so hopefully you will get to see the pics, great service. Sunday we met with another family, named Patricia, who works at the book store we email at, and has always been impressed with our conduct, and wants to join a church like that. She said, quote: "I want to glow like you elders do when you walk around, people can just see you are Christians, if they look". Gosh, it’s good to get a big up now and then! She has 7 children and is educated, so great way to finish the week. Many other cool experiences with others like Jason Lee, Surburn, Trissia and more. The work is going good, just need more time now. This week we are going to Ochi to do a split, but we do have more time if nothing goes wrong. Love you all and take care this week!
Elder Wilkerson

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

This week was tremendous, so much learning and study upon my side. We had Missionary Leadership Council this Thursday, and I guess I’ll talk bout that first. We taught for 1 hour on retention of converts and using the new and returning member form. Boy I learned that councils can be tough. I can’t imagine being over the affairs of the church and have to be unified with all 15 of them. That is a strong spirit eh. Pres Brown taught about a doctrine that has always confused me deep in the back of my head, but he unfolded it pretty easily as he does with everything! D&C 29 really talking about how we have power and Gods power. It makes for a good study, but coming down to the basics, if we aren't obedient the intelligences of the world won’t obey us, hence we have no power, but God is exactly obedient so the intelligences obey immediately. If we aren’t obedient in this life, we can’t have the celestial glory and be able to create our own worlds cuz we will have No power! Yikes.. still trying to wrap my brain around it, but a little extra motivation to live righteously, no complaints please. 
And general conference, wow it was good but short! I received answers to 11 of my questions I had or at least a pointing finger in the direction I should go, even though I feel like it was all a recap of things I have been learning in every day missionary work! Which is so cool to see how the spirit really can align us with the will of the Father and we can have daily connection with him! We missed the last half of the priesthood session due to all of Montego Bay power going out cuz of a huge storm, but we were watching it at a less active member’s home so we had a good chat with him and his girlfriend. And it was cool how we were able to get over there for that conference. We have been trying to figure out where we lives and number for weeks! We finally got his number, called him and he definitely didn't want to meet. But let the spirit do its job and fear not, he ended up listening to the mormon tabernacle choir one night and called us at like 8:30 and we weren't shore what to do in that time slot and were praying what to do. And he calls “hey, I’m listening to the mormon tabernacle choir, it’s really nice, can you guys come over and see me? Whoa! Bro Lee is solid, the testimony talks were great for him, as he feels it was all forced upon him growing up and never got his own. Power went out and we got to talk about it, mysterious ways of the Lord, but overall conference was great. I believe I got the most out of the foreign speakers, an extra spiritual strength with those men. So cool. 
Shana-lee is getting baptized this Sunday and we are doing Bobbie’s interview in Ochi tonight. We have a district leader training meeting tomorrow in Spanish town at 8:30 til 3:30 and have to teach there for close to another hour on trade off's and having a model area. But I guess there is no rest for the weak. Gotta keep going. Just glad it’s my driving day! Ha-ha. 
Well, I guess that is about it for the exciting highlights of this week other than we have started to see more persecution maybe cuz conference was coming up, but lately we have had people chatting us bad, or cussing us off their porch. Haven't had that much in my mission so it’s good to get a taste you understand! (Matthew 5:10) racking up blessings, boom boom pow! rejection, yes! boom boom pow: blessed are those that are persecuted for my names sake. ha-ha)
But the work really is going good, the only thing to complain about is we have like 40 potentials that are saying yah I will meet with you but next week, and then we get more and it’s just frustrating to plan with so many people. But we are going to start trying to resolve that blessing this week.
Love you all, keep up the good work in all you do! Bless up!
With Rohan and Tracey - two of my favorite members in Ocho Rios

With Bro and Sis Hardy (branch Pres. in Ochi) - my mission Grandparents

Elder Wilkerson