Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

You will have to give Brad a shout for me! A quote he said in Priesthood pops up a lot sometimes.. he said,"the harder you work in your mission, the hotter your wife will be", haha! good memories, good times! Wow! I can't believe 24 degrees! I was missing the snow, but I think I will be fine. I was freezing last night with 2 sheets and the blanket you sent at 70 degrees. It was a cold night cuz of the rain!!!  Yah I have been listening to conferences as I workout in the mornings. You know we try to be obedient, but I can't lie I started to listen to the radio when I worked out in the morning.. cuz I thought I needed to have that drive! I was terribly mistaken, but I'm glad I could learn this lesson on my mission! That day for missionary work was terrible, I repented and found out that working out to General Confernce talks is just as good if not better! Enlighten my body and mind! Some scriptures I applied to that was Alma 26:12 I am nothing but through Christ I can do all things! And Mormon 4:15 where they were driven to do great works by anger, same as I was with my workout, but in the end it worked out better to be driven my good, uplifting things!! Learning so much from my district and my companion!! We had a good week for teaching but 0 at church! Something we need to focus on more! I feel good about this week cuz we have bigged up the prophet so much! But we gotta keep people coming!! The teachings are all there, just waiting for them to act!! But church was good with the members starting to step up, take responsibilty and recognizing they are responsible for hastening this work. We teach and baptize but we gotta have people to teach. We don't know people! They do! we need their help! Hopefully T. Monson can drive that into them!! Interesting things that happened this week: Rastas are racist, gotta have a black Jesus. A bum rubbed my belly while begging some money and I got chased by a drunk guy who thought my name was Joe! Was a rough week, but looking forward to the next especially now that I have food and don't have to do the water diet for 3 days... but hey it's a good way to get in your head that you MUST budget! Much love! Have a great week, and enjoy conference!!!

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