Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 23, 2013

Oh boy, what can I say 'bout this week?  Interesting, long, found some cool people, bike problems, that about sums it up! Ha, just kiddin', it was a great week! Did my interview for Samantha, the Negril Elders' baptism this week! She is awesome! So prepared! I asked how she felt about the Book of Mormon and she bore a powerful testimony. I felt the spirit strong and it was a wonderful teaching and learning oppurtunity! Did a trade off with Elder Belnavis, another Jamaican which is way cool. Our zone is half jamaican and half white and I'm the only one from Utah! Weird! But Elder Belnavis taught me a lot about charity with the people we teach! Great oppurtunity! Negril rains more than Sav! Hard to believe, but true!! We are on another 3 day streak without rain, guess winter is coming soon! Can't believe it is almost October and General Conference two weeks away! So excited! We actually watched a clip from Thomas S Monson in a lesson with a 7th day Adventist! I'm learning really quick that Bible bashing isn't the way to prove them wrong! Bear testimony! They got agency, if they want it.. great, if not, there is 59,999 other people in Westmoreland that might!! But it really grabbed his attention and he loved it! We found a former investigator this week as well! His name is Oniel. The missionaries before us really only gave him a Book of Mormon, but he is so ready now! Just need to find him a job so he can get a taxi to church! We met with him cuz he called us actually. So the next day we went to the church, taught him the restoration, committed him to baptism, read the book of mormon, and was going to commit to reading the plan of salvation pamplet before next meeting.... but he didnt want to ... he wanted to learn about it Now! So we taught the next lesson! The following day we laught lesson 3 and Word of Wizzum! This guy is just taking it in! Church is the only issue, gotta get him to church.. can't be baptized without it! This week we also got to meet with Annyia's mom. We just felt inspired to drop in and she was home! Sat down had a great discussion with her.. when baptism came around how a powerful lesson on the priesthood she wants to learn more.. but does not believe in a 2nd baptism.... so still got to soften her heart there!! But I think she will come around. Annyia was really bummed, but we are just gonna try focusing on her helping her mom see how much she is changing and really learning from us teaching her! We saw Sally yesterday.. we really gained her trust.. she is learning math right now so we helped her with that. So now we do about 20 minutes math before a lesson and then a lesson. Service then a lesson! I'm all bout that! So that's cool. You reallly do grow to love these people you serve and want what's best for them in any way you can help! It's so great! We don't really have anyone progressing at this point due to them not being at church! But just gotta keep looking up! Something will come out of our efforts soon I just know it! Steve was getting so close to baptism, but is in Canada right now with family. Will be back in like 3 weeks! Hopefully he can see the temple and fully functioning church while up there! That's the goal I hope.. he knows he needs to! He said he had to or he might lose that desire! He's the man! But crazy story of the week is probably being stopped by a crazy man who thought he was a police officer and was playing a flute as his departure and coming up to greet me. He told me I got to be careful and that these parts are nothing like I have ever seen before! He also directed me through traffic.. super weird.. but I just went with it! The lil town thought it was so funny, but it was alright i guess. We watched a safety video for district meeting due to all the accidents happening so everyone is fixing up their bikes and apartments. President Brown says we are to bring safety back to the mission.. so consecration, we are leaving nothing out! Almost like we are in the army.. I guess we are! God's Army! It's been a good week nonetheless looking so very much forward to the next one! The days fly by! I seriously can't believe how fast it is going! Time flies when you're working hard! Love you!
Elder Wilkerson

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