Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept. 2, 2013

Hello!! Well,  typing is taking a long time today. School is back in down here  instead of 5 people in the lab there is bout 40! Well this week has been an eventful one indeed. Picked up on Tuesday with Elder Groesbeck, we stayed in junction again with the Elders there! Since it was our 6 month mark we bought a liter of kerosene and Sister Newcomer came over and the 3 of us burned ties, drank bag juice, did the cinnamon challenge( which Elder Groesbeck I think is the first man in history to complete it!!!), and a challenge to see who could last longer eating javenaro peppers -  super hot!! Super dumb idea!! Wednesday was transfers, went out to eat. Elder Groesbeck bought this cake and thought  it tasted funny so I took a bite.. goodness it was slaughtered in rum! Not our fault!!! But transfers was great, I got Elder Elliott! He is awesome, we clicked well right at the first!! He's 20, from Cedar and was in the army before coming out. Knows his stuff -  a lot more prepared than I was!!! Excited to see the work we will get done together!! The day we left transfers didn't get to teach cuz the truck bearing went out on the left front tire so we had to wait for a tow truck on top of our 5 hour drive so didn't get home til 10:45!  The next day was rough too, we went to leave and his back tire wasn't even straight so we straighten the rim. We get out and are having a great day, then the rain caught us like mid day, appointments fell through so we went out and exercised our faith!! soaking wet! We biked up this hill til prompted to stop at this shop, bought some bag juice... nothing really happened until we're about to leave and this lady(Sophia) walks in and we start talking to her! We eventually get the shop owner involved and talked about the plan of salvation and got some return appointments! Faith booster!! We will lead us to them or them to us! Sunday we went to see Otis and got caught in the rain again, he ended up not answering after we confirmed it. (by the way its bout a 50 min bike ride out there!) So we are headed back, puddles all over the road, can't see the deep pot holes.. I blew my tire out up in Petersfield....took about 2 hours to get back to the house.... bummer day, but you know that's just satan working on us cuz he knows once we get going we are going to tear Sav up!! Excited for this transfer and this up coming week, gonna work hard physically and spiritually! Much love to all! The gospel of Jesus Christ is true! Have a wonderful week!!!
Elder Wilkerson
99 aint Good enough!

New companion - Elder Elliot

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