Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Well the week was very long considering the details I will share later. First, soccer, haha funny story with the soccer.. we played some futbol with some guys on friday at friday night activites and I guess cuz I'm white they thought I couldnt play.. so at the beginning this kid says.. k white boy you are goin to pass the ball me. I was like alright black boy.. haha then we schooled them! They were extremely astonished that white boy could play ball! Ha, so we will play every friday now :) We did have a great week though for the work! Helping people increase their faith on every corner!! Thankful for the things I learned from Elder Elliott! Really love to sing at appointments now, but I got my new comp on Thursday night, was in a tri-panionship til that night so not much time to reflect on the situation which is a good thing... but I'm thankful for Elder Elliott and his great example on the atonement and how very important it is! He will be so much more prepared when he comes back out!! Elder Pear is great though!! He hasn't gone to the MTC yet so I'm Double Training him! He actually is going to the Dominicain republic next transfer speaking Spanish so hopefully this is a good kick start to his mission!! Got 3 weeks to get him a baptism! Haha, I think we can definantly do it! Conducted an interview for the other Sav Elders this Friday and have another one this week and hopefully we will have one the following week! So the district is starting to get with the program and is doing great!! We found some solid investigators this week as we have a goal to see one member everyday in the week to build trust and get referrals or just to try to help them in their missionary efforts!! We had 3 at church and a few progressing! The baptism went well, the water ran out so we went down the ocean! It was sweet, poured rain right after!! Definantly cool, hope the water runs out on ours as well, but either way is great! This week was very long, but got many wonderful things happening! Hope all are doing well and enjoying the wonderful rain that I experience every day! Love all much! Have a fantastic week! 
Elder Wilkerson
Smile :)

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