Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

GOOOOD MORNING! What a week it has been!  family is of number one importance that is why its in the restoration and its one of the easier things in the gospel to talk to people about!! take it all back to the restoration and the rest flows from there once they understand that!!  we are on day 3 with no rain! first time in Sav that i have not seen puddles on the road! yes, its hott and humid especially at night. but the plus side is no puddles, easy to see the pot holes, and not as many mosquitoes!! plus all the beautiful nutrients of vitamin D!!  yes, im not so shore what the big deal is with the bike problems and car problems but something i have learned as we are walking instead of biking with great speed people can talk to us more and easier for the lord to put people in our paths to talk to!! on bikes we dont really take those oppurtunitys so it is not needful that mine elders move swiftly from appointment to appointment saith the lord. haha but we can talk bout bike problems later!! haha cant even imagine what it will be like getting back home in the snow! yes the companion is doing Great! learning soooo much from him as we learn together, and i try to teach him the few things i know!!
Now for the uttermost spiritual side of our week, it was slow in lessons but every single one of them I would say was worth our time or efforts to prepare for! Elder Elliott looooves to sing soo something we have started doing this week is before every lesson is sing a hymn! It sets the tone for the lesson and is super spiritual!! Loved it! Starting to love singing, we sing everywhere we bike and you could say it is helping bring down my pride cuz I always before thought, no we aint singing in public, people will think we are weird. thats something I am trying to get over. If I'm being good doing the things I know I should who cares whos watching, what they are thinking, and how they react! We are disciples of Jesus Christ!!
STEVE, we have seen twice this week; he has told us he knows the Book of Mormon and Joe Smith was a prophet, now just trying to find time to teach him all the doctrine! But he is also leaving to Canada for a month so we might have to hold off on him for a minute. Dang it!
ADRAIN, found him when we got into a hard core bible bash, that's when I realized I really have learned a lot, but that's not the point, bible bashing is terrible. Tried to have the spirit there, just didn't work. The kid we were doing it with wanted us to bring something to the table to dicuss and he would talk bout something. He was soo convinced and into it til his friend came and he started the bashing. Later found out he is 7th day... kinda the problem there. But some people were listening in and one was Adrain and had an awesome desire to want to know more. We met him next day at the church, gave him a church tour and had a powerful first lesson. He said "give me sometime to read but I want to learn more"! He worked this Sunday, but hopefully next week we can get him out to church! A prepared person indeed!!
ANNYA, started to review with her, found out she really doesnt have a real testimony of the B.O.M. so recommitted her to read and pray bout that and then we just got to talk to her mom once she has a testimony there!
ONEIL, found him on the road. Has a B.O.M already and just really wants to learn more. Has studied with a lot of faiths and has a great desire to learn! Man he loves to talk but he is smart. Just another sign that the lord is hastening his work in Jamaica, no doubt bout it.
KAREEN, just need to see her more. Called her every night to read but she just works a TON! Going to see her Tuesday, she has to commit to church or probably drop her!! Despite how amazing her cooking is and how much we love her!
ALSO saw many less actives this week. I have strong hope for them. We both felt sincere love and desire for them, the singing and wonderful lessons.. I do believe they will come back and many said they have friends they want to bring with them.. GREAT!!
One of the less actives in perticular is Sis Walker.. reminds me of back home with Sister Erickson. She is old, sweet, can't walk so that's why less active, but we take her the sacrament and she has a powerful testimony and gives amazing prayers! We love her! Yesterday while singing hymn 86 we were crying, so powerful......
 But to finish my email,  now for the Temporal for the Week!! We had an appointment that we were bound to get to! It had been raining for like 5 hours- I shouldn't say just raining, it was like a blizzard, but RAIN!!!! Anywho, it flooded the canal and drainage ways so one of the main roadways was flooded, houses near by that weren't on blocks were flooded!! Like 30 inches of standing water on the road!! So school was just getting out, taxis couldn't get through so they had flat bed semis with 50 or so kids on each load and other people moving through this little river that was bout quarter mile long! We decided to ride through it cuz we were already wet! It was tough to pedal but when the semis came smashing through it made like tidal waves that we had to fight as well!!! It was a lot of fun, wish we could have got some photos! But didn't bring the cameras!! Some other fun things of the week is painting with Steve, painted his room purple and ate lunch together just talking bout things. Working out every morning at 4:30! Somehow still able to manage throughout the day!! It gets easier as you Go!!! haha OH and cant forget about the weekly bike problems!!! This week no tire problems, but my handle bars snapped of at the neck! So I had to grip the neck going all western on it! and had my handle for brakes in the right hand. That's how I rode from the far part of our other long stretch area! But it was great attention grabber and we talked to lots of people!!! Ha, many people are learning nothing stops us! We go out rain or shine, bike or broken bike, all day everyday!! It was a long eventful week, but much needed with fun stuff or the spiritually draining days would have killed us! One thing I have really been learning on my mission is patience. My bike breaks and I don't even get mad, you just get it fixed and keep going! No Problem Man!! So that's kinda my week in a wrap! Love you all! Work Hard, Play Hard!
Elder Wilkerson
99 aint Good Enough!

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