Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

I am training again! I'm excited and nervous as always! But excited to get pumping into the work! Though I wish the more part of the members were there for the Saturday session with all the missionary talks, Kareen showed up for Sunday last session and we had 4 less actives back at church who brought some friends! Of course they were referrals for the other missionaries! It all went to fast! The quickest 10 hrs of my life! If I had to pick favorites it would be very difficult, but I would definitely say  Giffard Nielson for shore!!!! Jeffrey R Holland always, Dieter F Uchtdorf (Priesthood session) and Henry B Eyring! Loved it all, learned so much, and never fell asleep! But as for the week, in missionary work it was slow and steady! District meeting we went over planning and using our time wisely and such but we are just going to have to talk to more people!! Guess my faith to find isn't there! I'm expecting them to pop up cuz the work is hastening, but gotta continue looking! Searching! And that's the goal this week! Talk WITH EVERYONE! I had all my motivational quotes all over the walls where I couldn't see them and I feel like I have lost the fire so I pulled them down and put them on my desk, trying to get back in the groove! I think of what I have learned though I wouldn't be so humble if we were baptizing every week! Gotta obtain the spirit and hold fast to it and unbottle it in every lesson! No one is progressing right now.. Steve comes back this week and we got a few in mind for a date, but we just need to find better.. I don't like giving up on people, but as long as we leave their progress record in the area book one day they will accept as we plant the seed with 6 to 10 sets of missionaries trying to grow them in this hot waste land of Jam rock! Cool experience this week: we started teaching a pastor lady named Maris. She has a Book of Mormon and actually uses it when she teaches her church.. HUH! Loves it but won't come to our church.. You gotta be kidding me.. she also has a few of our teaching manuals. She is smart, just lacking that authority so gotta nail that down this week. She works at a shop though and it's almost impossible to feel the spirit there, but gonna keep trying! Elder Wignal and Elder Hayes have a baptism today! Totally awesome, the district is doing swell, just Elder Wilkerson is slacking I guess, haha. Oh ,and a terrible story that we have all got over.. we (Elders ) got chewed out by the Branch President for teaching the law of chastity wrong. He was saying when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you can't hug, kiss, or hold hands! Whaaaat! You maad! He called Pres. Brown to have us removed cuz we said that's not true.. thankfully President Brown straightened him out and we are back on good terms :) Living in Jamaica is great! We kinda have to train the whole church how to function properly and gosh sometimes I dread going to church.. but its good!! :)
Elder Wilkerson
Cavalash tree

Motivational desk

94 year old temporary replacement Grandma - Sister Walker

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