Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

HI! This week has been.. well eventful, needless to say! Transfer calls were this week. Elder Groesbeck's going to the other side of the island to Yallahs, my companion Elder Wignal and Elder Hayes (Groesbecks Comp) serving together still in Sav and I will be training this next 3 months! Most of my group from MTC are training like Sister Woolfe, Sister Newcomer, Elder Newcomb, Elder Bateman, Elder Harris zone leader in Cayman islands, Sis Christansen training in Bahamas, just super awesome things going on! Transfer calls are always exciting!! .. probably a lack of work done after as well..  but going strong! Lots of things will be changing in the mission soon! The one I am most excited for that I have been trying to work on is consecration. It is everyones goal now and something we will definantly need if we are going to achieve the new standards of excellence!! The will and want to be Exactly Obedient instead of feeling forced to.. what a blessing!! We also have 12 youth working on their papers and one gets his call soon!! Went out teaching with Randi this week, he is the guy getting his call. Solid. We had aBbook of Mormon stand where we prayerfully decided to go down a certain road and talk to people 'bout the church and try to clear up myths and things!! That was a great success and learned a lot from the members that came out to that, and also helps them get over their fear of talking to people and we get referrals! Great!! Also been studying a lot more than ever, an hour just doesn't cut it anymore! Idk what's gotten into me, just a HUGE desire to learn all I can! I borrowed a movie from Pres Blake, its called Journey Of Faith. I would tell everyone to look it up! It helps you understand the history and background more Nephi's journey and was awesome and very enlightening to see! So we picked up a few more investigators this week, hopefully Steve and Annyia will pull through for a baptism soon! We got some solid working going on and its great to hear of your experiences back at home! The only real down fall this week.. Tuesday my star on my rim broke. Went home after Elder Wignal pushed me home.. changed the rim and axle and sunday night we got ran off the road by a dump truck. It was either into the truck or a huge pothole and really messed up my new rim!! So hopefully we get money on our cards soon cuz we are just all messed up!! But kinda figuring out how to budget.. probably need to take away my personal management merit badge!! But yah, great week other than that!! I'm excited to train, but also nervous! We will see how it goes! Much Love,
Elder Wilkerson
99 Aint Good Enough

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