Monday, April 29, 2013

April 28, 2013

Jamaicans really aren’t all that laid back. They are a hard working people, it’s just hard to get work and a lot of them get offended easy.  It’s weird, but some definitely are chill. There is one regular grocery store, but we really don’t have that much time to cook! I made some breakfast burritos the other day for breakfast and Mama Maxine she feeds us like 3 times a week so that’s nice! (Mama Maxine is an investagator, met her on day one, she is preparing for baptism on the 11th of may she has gone through a lot! love her!) Rice and peas(beans) is popular and some kind of chicken, but we just don’t have the time to cook and we don’t have an oven!!  Nothing super exciting this week!  We did have an investigator coming to church and some guy rear ended him, but since he didn’t have a license he got blamed and got locked up for it!  The other terrible part is he had 3 other investigators in his car and none could come to church, all had to go to the station!  We are bailing him out today.   Our new elders are Elder Gurrero fresh from Ogden, Utah and Elder Shurtlif from Bringham and he has been out 13 months.  They are weird.. but it’s nice having a four man house again, I guess. I read a sweet talk this week, it’s by Lawrence E. Corbridge.  It’s called:The 4th Missionary. Sweet talk!  It let me know I need to finish boxing up all my desires I want and all my home desires and leave them with all my physical stuff back home. I can unpack them when I get home but this is the Lord’s time and I need to focus!!  Loved it!   Oh, another food I have had a lot this week is crab! Sis Kelly cooks it and its good!! (Sis Kelly is a church sister she sells crab.) It’s been a rainy week .. but that’s the best time to go visit people cuz Jamaicans think the rain will make you sick so they always stay inside!!  Ha, not much to talk about this week.  We have like 4 new investigators, the work is going solid.  Oh, another thing, my bike got stolen!!!  Haha, luckily for me the kid that stole it was an investigators little brother!!! Haha, got my bike back :) had lesson in gospel principles this week. It went super well talked about the covenant people!  Lots of bike repairs this week.
Sorry, the computers are being weird again and it's not allowing me to upload my pics. Will try the other internet cafe next week, this one just had a bunch of things done to it.

I asked Sterling if he’d learned any new Jamaican words, here's his reply:

Hmm, Jamaican words, not many I know and a lot are just bad what people call us. Just a couple phrases like whong gwan= what’s going on,   liccamor= talk to you later,    whattum= whats happening   People say bumbah!  wha cha!! and my Ute!! alot!  That’s just some popular and what I have picked up!

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