Monday, April 15, 2013

April 14, 2013

 Motivational wall of good scriptures.   Scripture of the week 1 Nephi 21:16 Christ NEVER forgets us!
HELLO!!  It hasn't rained this week and I don't ever wear the sandals, probably never will! But I wear flip flops everyday in the house. They are good to kneel on and bugs EVERYWHERE!! so yah like always wear them! It's cool to hear about the mission calls! It's HARD work no joke but learning so much!! Kinda got home sick this week! Learned about sincere prayer in zone meeting this week.. Tried it out, it was such a powerful experience cried through the whole thing, the spirit was so strong! Teaching has been rough but it's really not much of teaching, it's testimony bearing just about what you know is true! It's been a rough week with the investagators keep pushing back baptism dates, we might have another one this week! We will see what happens!! So I thought I left the drama all at home, haha NOPE!! There was so much this week with the members and just people in general it was crazy, but got through it!! Saw a Sweet Hummer the other day, probably the only one in Jamaica but haha it was good to see something different! We started working out this week.... bad idea.. so flippin sore! With the biking, covering both areas, and just trying to be obedient and work hard it's been rough! Just going to have to be a fatty for this mission. I can see the pounds gaining, but not much can do about it! It's weird!! Had my first conference call this week with my MTC boys Elder Groesbeck and Elder Bateman. It was sweet to hear them and some of their experiences! Jamaica isn't totally a ghetto place. I have a washer, Groesbeck has hot showers and Bateman has A/C so you get a piece of something great anywhere you go!! Finally got some mail! Got that picture from mom and the camera card! Thank you so much!! And a letter from Sarah! Took, you know, about a month um pouch mail is faster... but the zone leaders still have to bring it from downtown so like every other week. Don't know about packages heard anything from1-3 months! Idk what it depends on! Got a letter from Aunt Amanda but no return address or email address so couldnt write her back if you could let her know i did get that!! You are all in my prayers! Thanks for al the love and support talk to you guys next week!!! <3 Elder Wilkerson

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