Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

It’s been a crazzzzy week! I learned a lot of new things!! First weird random thing.. all women shave their heads. They all wear wigs or glue in hair or whatever they do. They think hair is disgusting and it probably is out here since many just bucket shower!!  We had zone conference this week and it was great! Just what I needed!  I got a great companion who can chastise me and help improve me! My attitude was sour towards role plays in our additional studies. They still are ridiculous but I put forth my best attitude towards them!  Anyways zone conf. talked about change of heart a lot and that hit home with me, loved it! Also talked about this mission isn’t a sacrifice it’s a gift from God so better treat it like one!  We went to a mall afterwards for lunch.. and inside it felt like we were in America.  It was so weird but still with their same weird food, nothing American, haha.  I had a chicken salad. I was craving something other than chicken and rice cuz that’s what everyone feeds us! we transported there like we do just about anywhere.. back of the trucks! Craziness!!!  We took a bus down there to Kingston, it’s like a 30 mile drive and it was terrible. The bus stops and goes and stops and swerves and about 90 minutes later we get there! It’s like 80Cents american and it makes sense now they jam those buses so full when they make an emergency stop everyone falls on top of everyone else!!  Thursday we went over to the other area to learn it cuz Elder Lacey leaves today so we will have 2 areas for the rest of this transfer so we will be SuPER busy this week!! Friday we had a friday fun night with a fireside on how members are so important to the work and got them stoked about the work. It was pretty good!  Saturday we were at the church ALL DAY! Fellowship. conference.lunch.conference.dinner.conference. sleep haha. It was kinda weird, it was like just the missionaries and like 12 others, pretty weak attendance. Kinda made me homesick, but it was good and fast for sitting on wooden benches for 6 hours! Sunday was a bit better for attendance! We had 7 of our investigators there!  The last session a huge rain storm came in and the satellite turned off for like 30 minutes!! It was pouring and got like super musty inside!  We just sang hymns til it came back on, super cool! I loved the talks! Conference went by sooo fast, it always seems like it was so freaking slow!!... but that doesn’t mean I didn’t fall asleep... IT’S tough!!  We got fed three times after! Guess what we ate all three houses?! Oh yah, rice and chicken. ha! So something bad is happening. We see so many Japanese cars drive by, they are starting to look nice! Haven’t seen a Chevy in weeks!!  There is only Nissan,Toyota, Mitshibushi, and Honda!! I have seen one dodge and a couple gmc’s, ha it’s terrible!!  Everything that doesn’t do well in America comes here and does awesome like: blackberries are like equivalent to iphones.  All off brand products!  America gets the good chicken, they get the bones with little meat!  Selfish! Haha, it’s good though, I’m surviving!! I’m getting a gym pass this week cuz I’m getting fatt! Our whole companionship blew out our tires this week, the roads are terrible and where they are descent glass and garbage is everywhere! Still haven’t received mail or anything.. but neither has anyone else! Elder Lacey got a package this week! Guess you gotta declare everything, if you don’t, they take it!! His mom didn’t declare an ipod and they stole it with some shoes!! That’s about all I got. Off to lunch in hopes to try some ox tail today! Peace out love y'all !

 Chillin' on the roof - Elder Lacey's last night.
 The church looks like an apartment building.
 Riding in the back of the truck.
 Zone conference.

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