Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

Sterling and his companion spent 2 hours emailing today so that he could send a bunch of pictures.  I guess his comp's mom called the mission office yesterday because he didn't email.  Here's his letter:

WAHGON!! Sounds like you guys had a good Easter!! Yah, they celebrate Easter here for like 4 days! That’s why p-day is today!  It was so hard to be a missionary those days, like no one was home and just parties everywhere!! Sports day, fish fry, family fun day, just events everywhere!!! Also hard trying to do both areas being in a 3some cuz Elder England went home! It’s been a rough stressful week but everything is for a reason!
There is no April fools out here! That was sad, haha, but we got one nonetheless.  We came home one day and our bathroom was flooded- one of the pipes burst haha so that was fun! On top of our light bulbs burn out like every 3 days, that gets old!!
 I’m starting to understand the people a bit! It’s still tough but getting better!! I had lesson in gospel principles on Sunday.. it was weird teaching people that were like twice my age but it went well was a spiritual day talking about the atonement!
 Ummm, I tried Cow Foot this week.. not bad but not great haha always trying new things here! I guess pig or ox tail is a rare thing and a delicacy so maybe one day!! Oh! cock roaches!! Everywhere! They started coming out of the drains the other night when I was peeing and were landing on me!!! Not cool!!! Hate bugs! So I had to stop using sunscreen. I washed my whites and all the sleeves and necks came out orange!!!  The wash lady scrubbed them out for me but she said the sunscreen and sweat and everything makes it do that!! But I haven’t burned yet, already getting mean farmer tan lines!!!
Had my first baptism on Saturday. It was stressful!! He showed up an 1.5 hrs late for his own baptism but that’s standard Jamaicans, they are bad at keeping commitments, but it was awesome teaching him and watching him turn his life around!  with stopping of drinking, smoking weed, taking care of his baby mother more it was just awesome! Xavier is 6.5 ft tall and  that’s how long the baptism font is and its only about 30 inches of water, its super short !!! It was tough, but we did it!! Had to dunk him 3 times, he was just too tall! 2nd time he went to his knees but his knees popped out haha . Super rough but finally got him on the 3rd splash! satan was working hard not to let him get baptized: 1st: power went out all day from rain storm    2nd: water didn’t work so we had to bring in a hose         3rd: Xavier didn’t have a fair to get a taxi to church so they were late, haha.   Good good experience though!!  Love the guy, he’s 27 I think.
Iit’s been a slow week but excited for the next with general conf, zone conf, and a ward conf game night thing we are doing! Should be a good week!! Haven’t got any letters or packages yet, but no one has. Everyone is waiting, the mail system kinda sucks, they just work when they want. Really.. like the garbage man, he hasn’t come for a month and sometimes they come every week, just whenever they need money I guess, haha!! Fun stuff ! Love you all, talk to you next week! Hope I covered everything, let me know if you have any questions ! Bye!

My sweet ride for the next two years...and my gym pass for buttocks and legs.

Our homemade meal...rice ham, dumplings, champagne

 Elder Wilkerson, Elder Hamilton, Elder Lacey and Elder England - that's our roomies!
 Living in a house of 4 is sweet!  
Our homie, Xavier - my first baptism!

Our room!  Fans going 24/7 it's soooo hot!

 Spanish zone and Kingston zone at Fort Henry on p-day.
 Sterling and companion Elder Hamilton from Provo.
What the houses in Jamaica look like.

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