Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Sorry, pics aren’t working again this week.  The computer lady scanned my flash drive that I put my sim card in and it just doesn’t work anymore.  I don’t know what happened, but will get pics up asap!!  I can’t believe another week has flown by!!  This week has been nuts.  So monday after emailing, we went to send off our packages and the post office wouldn’t allow them without brown wrapping paper so we kept walking into stores and they would direct us to another store to check and we did that for probably an hour.  Then we were headed up to fedex and this guy calls out to us mormons and we turn back of course.  He says something about the book of mormon so we are headed back, didn’t quite hear him so we head back to talk to him and he runs in his shop.  We are like wait, where is he going? and he comes out with a machete!!  So we do what smart people do when crazy man with machete is chasing you.. RUN!!!  Hah, pretty nuts, turns out he is one of many psychos.  We finally get to fedex and let’s just say it’s a joke.  It’s like literally a 10x10foot shop stuffed FULL of Teddy bears.  This lady part time makes gift baskets so teddy bears everywhere, and lotion. So she is super unorganized, after about 3 hours of paper work and stuff we finally get out of there! Ridiculous!!  Haha,  the rest of the week was pretty chill.  Wait!  No, not at all.  You think I was a mean brother, ha, think again.  Walk by places, kids beating each other with the belt, throwing rocks at each other and even watched a sister take a shovel to a boys head!  Rude children!!  So its hurricane season ‘til like October I guess!  It POURED friday, saturday and part of sunday!!  It flooded out some of our investigators. I hope my pics will upload !  It was awesome, we are biking on the roads and well they were now community swimming pools. Taxis would open their doors and you had to be quick cuz the water would flow right in!  We were DRENCHED!!  The worst part was you couldn’t see the pot holes, it was just an adventure!!  Mama Maxine, an investigator, we were up in knee high water, she is preparing for baptism May 11th.  Hope everything goes well with the interview!!  Also, the rain was so heavy it took down Sis Kelly’s roof so working on getting her a new one!  They need curb and gutter, Dad!  Come let them know what’s up!!  Also learned this month is child’s month... kids have already gone missing.  I guess this crazy voodoo religion thing they take kids, drain their blood, and sacrifice them.  It’s terrible so we don’t see children outside very much anymore, it’s weird…and freaky.  Sundays are just terrible, they are so stressful.  It is not a day of rest at all.  Trying to get investigators out to church!  And everything with the lessons and talks and all, its just not fun, especially on fast Sundays, and you gotta keep working hard and you have no strength!!  But yah, that was pretty much my week!  I really am loving the work and loving the people!  This white boy loves it and would be content staying in Spanish Town all mission, but I’ll go wherever the lord wants me!!  Talking to a cement guy in our branch to see if he can build some weights… need to get working out! and eating better.  I really am getting fat, it’s so not cool!!  Well, headed to shop ,liccamor y'all!  
Flooded at Mama Maxine's

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