Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

This week really got lost in the work! This week flew for me! Everything came pretty easy but it was hard work!! We had some awesome lessons, thought we would have tons at church, but only 2 showed up. The ones we thought were progressing... aren't really.  We dropped 2 people on sunday and almost a 3rd, she's trying though. I gave a talk on sunday on the atonement and repentance. It was good but different!! The power went out so I was shouting in a dark room, reading my notes using the cell phone for light! I felt like I wasn't speaking to anyone, it was interesting but went well!! I'm getting a hair cut today, it's going to be scary. Like Jamiacans don't cut american style... they shave. I have looked at all the other recent missionary cuts, jeezum they are short.  I'm scared!! But they are cheap, like one bill so like 1 dollar american haha. So I had like an allergic reaction to something I ate this week,  don't know what it was. I woke up and my face was fat and my arms!! But it went away, haha. Should have took a pic but didn't! So I ate something weird but this week sticking to the basics- oatmeal, top ramen, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, and fried chicken and rice!! Wednesday we get new elders. That will be nice not holding down both areas! It's been rough time to crank out our side. 1st transfer will be over this week, that's crazy! But it totally feels like its been 6 weeks!! Oh, another crazy thing that went down -  we were like a quarter mile away from a shooting. Two guys got shot. They didn't catch the guy that shot them but the weird thing is people acted like it was nothing.. so crazy!! Eh, not to worried though only happens like once a month I guess.. ! We started having family home evening at the church every monday night and we are getting big turn outs there so that's been a fun way to begin teaching people and get them out!! Uh yah, that's bout it for this week! At least all I can think right now! If I left anything out I'll pick it up next week! Love you guys! Keep being awesome!! Talk to you next week!
 How much oatmeal I have eaten!
 FHE at the church.

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