Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

 We went to Negril this morning to play on the beach and lift some missionaries who have been struggling! 
This week has been a tender mercy for shore though. On Monday, we had the opportunity to move Winsome, a former investigator, and got to meet the baby father as the other elders were never able to, so progression there. 
Tuesday we got to meet Michelle’s baby father and start working with him. He was pretty turned off to us, but once we showed up in service clothes and machetes in hand he opened right up. Though he still is a huge jerk when he is drunk... gosh it is terrible what drugs can do to people! We also started working with Peter, from the Wright family. He has been struggling with smoking for years so we are helping him out as well! He is doing great, just like Kevin! We also met with Melody, a potential who is very successful. We are meeting with her again tonight. That same night the Porty elders stayed with us which was cool cuz Elder Groesbeck’s mtc comp emailed me and we are all going to link when we get home! Good to see him back on the right track! Made me soo happy!
Wednesday was zone meeting. We taught on revelation leading into the goals that God has for us and this mission. After that we had some talks on diligence and a break. Right after we talked about contacting and had some short role plays and then took it to the streets where they could practice on real people! 
After, we took the Port Antonio elders home, and did a trade off there cuz they were out of funds. 
Thursday was the trade off cuz it takes 4.5 hours to get to Porty. I went with Elder Lewis the younger and Elder Henderson went with Elder Rammell. All of our appointments fell through which was sad, but we had an opportunity to do lots of contacting which I love cuz we just get to get them pumped about learning and share our testimonies, one of those things that gets better the more you give it! :) We also did an interview for one of their investigators. She is coming right along in her conversion, did an excellent job. 
Friday we drove back early and planned out the following week. We then left out to find a potential named Gorden. He owns a big tour company down here. We missed the appointment cuz his directions were terrible, but he understood and still had a big desire to meet. We also planned to help a less active we have been working with that she needed to try harder to get work off. To our amazement she got a promotion and gets Saturdays and Sundays off now! So cool! We also got to meet with a police officer and his girlfriend. Gosh, the gospel is awesome!
Saturday was good\
Sunday we had a Caribbean conference that replaced church. Afterwards, we went to Falmouth with Sis. Fergie to visit some members out there. The branch closed down like 5 years ago. All that we saw were real welcoming and excited to see someone. Gosh, it hurts that they can’t come cuz of their position in life. They just need to choose to have bigger faith. I think that was kinda the theme of my studies this week. We choose our attitude, what we want to accomplish, dream big, involve God, and work and we will make it!!
Sorry, it sounds like a boring list of things, but it was a great week and the zone is doing really well!
Love you all! Bless up family and friends!
Elder WIlkerson
After District Meeting

Getting buried in the sand this morning.

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