Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Whatcha! The weeks go too fast I tell you! They have just been so packed full I haven’t had time to think! I quite like it that way! We had some fantastic meetings this week. On Monday we sat down with Peter and the family. His mom is going to come around even though she says she is a strong 7th day! Peter is doing great and working towards a 22nd of Feb baptism, same as Kevin now cuz he slipped up! But it will be cool for Peter cuz his dad will baptize him. His dad said, “I don’t know what is happening, but keep it up, we have never been this close as a family”! Peter is 26 and so excited to home teach and do all the above after his baptism! Tuesday was a jumble. An elder wanted to go home, and we did 3 hours of listening and bearing testimony begging him to stay. He didn’t really chose to stay, but he is and he is coming around. I’m thankful for him pushing through it. I feel everyone has to push through a wall at some point. This was his and I had mine at one point! But I will tell you now I love this mission and I have been licking the plate clean trying to soak it up! I can’t believe it’s almost done. It just wasn’t hitting me, but I have never been more focused and testifying and directed. It’s been an amazing week! We had district meeting again in Mo Bay with Elder Jarvis. Some talked on diligence and obedience, followed by companionship unity, and me and Elder Henderson have continued to grow closer from it! I still have lots to work on though you know! ALMA 5 and Christlike attribute test in Preach my gospel is a great personal assessment. But we also have been working with Michelle and family. Her 4 kids are so in it, now it’s just to work with her boy friend, gosh its tough! But Thursday we also had MLC.. my last one. President Brown threw down for a while on becoming through covenants and not just doing them. I really was shocked at the spirit I felt and eventually after all was said and done they asked me to bear my testimony as I was leaving the council... gosh I couldn’t believe it, it rushed to me, it finally clicked I just might be leaving. And like I have said before, I feel like my mom and dad are both spiritual cry babies and maybe I can’t blame them, but me a bawl and a bawl and bawl during my testimony. This mission has done so much for me, and directed my path. Yes, my parents did a great job, yes my leaders played a big role, and my church family and community, but God has given me so much these last two years that caant gway! We also had to teach on district leader council. It went well. The other highlight of many this week was meeting these two guys, they are brothers and were working on a car. We truly must talk to everyone and never judge by the cover. Omar and Kemar. Both drink and smoke, didn’t look too interested, but we met with them Saturday, seemed okay with the message and said they would try church. They came taking pics in front of the church and ended up loving it as we had fast and testimony meeting. There really is a lot of love in this church, oh ps. these guys have cars and families! Gosh, tender mercies! They all felt something different and told us they are coming back next week and not missing it! So cool. We took the Lees that night and saw them again. Boy them soon hit wata! But we had 6 investigators at church and the zone on the whole increased in many aspects as well! So much faith, this mission soon explode!! I wish I could stay longer so bad.. I feel like it always works that way though, once you figure out the system God moves you. As once heard, the gospel is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable! But we are in Ochi right now emailing. A sister had a grandma pass away so we are up here to help her out. We built another sand castle, pics soon come. But I love you all. Keep the faith, share the faith, and it will come screaming back to you! Bless up and take care!

Elder Wilkerson

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