Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan. 26, 2014

Can I just tell you now I am completely scared to come home, especially  after all those "white" people came to church. It was weird, but very spiritual!! 
Man, I don’t even know if I can squeeze all that happened in this week! It’s also cool that as we open our mouths the spirit fills in the words. I feel like it can do that with our typing! My fingers are off the walls right now!! But anyways, Monday we had to go pick up Elder Prete from Negril and also Elder Jarvis- took them to Ochi and stayed the night. Woke up at 5, changed the tire, then drove the 3 district leaders into the training for them at 9- 4. It was a great meeting... it was a bit long and we were last to talk. We were supposed to speak for 40 minutes and got cut back to 10 and taught on follow up calls. Fantastic meeting, many little rebukings by the spirit to me. After that we drove back to Ochi with the assistants for dinner and then did a 3 way split in Ochi, Port Antonio and Mo Bay. Elder Ruesch and I stayed in Mo Bay and drove Elder Prete back to Negril at 6 in the morning. We went to Elder Jarvis’ district meeting here in Montego Bay, followed by some more ways I could improve as we talked about pleading verse begging and improving our prayers. Begging is on our behalf and sometimes quite selfish. pleading is turned outwards and is to bless and enrich others lives. We had a kneeling prayer for the Mo bay area and people to bring the church out of obscurity and also to find families. Elder Ruesch was telling me earlier :”you get what you go for!" We have really been focusing and praying to find families this week, and guess what.. we are working with several. Never Doubt The Little Things! They are where the power lies! Elder Ruesch and I worked on our contacting. and then Thursday woke up early again and left to pick up Ochi and drive Porty to pick up the others, got lunch and headed back. Honest mistake on the speed limit... got another ticket.... cha.
We then stopped in Falmouth on our way back to see some members that aren’t coming and see what we can do in that area. We met some sweet members and also got some referrals down that way. Really focusing the efforts on males and families! Then back home, plan, and off to bed. 
Friday we did our weekly planning, then took Elder Kuehn to the doctor, and then had him show me more of our area and where some members lived as Elder Jarvis and Henderson did a little trade off. It went well and we contacted some more families. Saturday we had to take Elder Agurrie back to the doctor so up to Negril twice and supplies to Sav. Got back in our area to teach Michelle and family, Brian and family, and Winsome and trying to work with her family as well, also while... you got it - finding more families!! Sunday was awesome. Like I said before, 110 tourists from Doterra. Very spiritual meeting, one of the white ladies spoke and two amazing others. They brought some clothing for the branch and gave us a few referrals. We ourselves had 4 investigators at church and the other missionaries had some as well.
Church was packed with I believe 211 people!! It was very awesome and weird talking to so many successful and wise people. We finished the day with some awesome lessons as well. Sorry I’m not good at giving the details of the lessons, all you got to know is they were awesome. Members came and the spirit was felt and they are working towards baptism. Sad part... some when I won’t be here, but happy for them either way! The work is true. It’s Christ’s. We get help and our blessed as much as we put in and give. Bless up. I love this work and look forward to continuing it back home with all of you! Have a great week! ChoW!

Elder WIlkerson

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