Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

Monday after p day and we went to Ochi to help them feel loved! We built a big ol’ sand castle (will have to get the pics when we go to the church or something- sorry, can’t always send pics at the internet cafes due to viruses and such.) We also saw Peter. He is doing great and is on track for his baptism this Sunday!
Tuesday we had interviews with President and we had to be running people around. There was also an emergency transfer- we had to pick up an elder from Negril and he is with us now! He is great! Interviews were good, I learned lots and got my 5 year plan ripped apart by Pres.- thought I was in an interrogation haha.. it was sweet though. Also met with Kemar and his family after dropping Elder Henderson in Negril for a trade off!
Wednesday we got up early to bake goodies for Elder Jarvis’ district meeting. It was splendid as we talked about ways to get more investigators to church! Sis. Gardner made us pizza and we also met with Michelle, soon tell you good news bout her boy..
Thursday we did quite a bit of contacting, but also got to see a media referral from New York, the first real one that wasn’t a prank. His son is a member in New York and this guy is a strong Methodist, first one I have taught. It’s weird seeing some more similarities to the church. He was very quiet the whole lesson until we got to the Book of Mormon- he was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get one. He is just hard to meet with now cuz he is very open that his life stinks even though he is well off, that we goes out and gets drunk quite often! But great guy, I’m excited to see where he goes! 
Friday morning we dropped off the new stove in Sav, picked up Elder Henderson from Negril, and did a little bit of weekly planning, interrupted by needing to renew our gym passes and go see Michelle. It has been awesome also cuz we have been working on this new commitment that we won’t teach anyone of the opposite sex without someone of the same gender present- that way it pushes us to teach 1) more with the members and 2) for teaching more families! We went to go see Michelle with a member and I taught her with Prince, then we taught her daughter and the cool thing was during the duration of these two lessons, our new main man, Elder Banton with little help of Elder Henderson tied down Michelle’s boy- friend and had him seriously interested in the gospel! What a miracle, now to solid him up and marry them and baptize them and seal them!
Saturday... (sorry this is going to be lame, kinda sick of typing) haha! Had some more good contacting in a very nice scheme! Also saw some member referrals! 
Sunday was great! Kemar and family came out again, Peter as well, and also a few less actives we have been working with, yes! We had dinner set up to see Pres Brown’s mom (non-member), got a good chat with her as we did dishes, wish we could help her open her eyes! After, went back out to Falmouth and visited some more less actives and blessed them up as they haven’t seen people in the church from like 2 years. Go figure- it’s bush! Soon send a photo. Great faithful people though- love them. 
Moved the sisters Monday and out of here now! Love you all- we link soon!

Elder Wilkerson 
A member's house.

Elder Henderson, Elder Banton, Elder Wilkerson

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