Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Peter Wright was baptized. Hopefully I can send some pics, the service was great and he is a stud! We also had a branch fireside on Sunday and zone meeting this week.
 But I just got one scripture for you all: 

2John 1:12 :)

Nuff love for all of you! I know like I know that this gospel is Christ's own and that it truly will bring the world all that we need to survive the temptations and sorrows the devil throws at us. I have seen the light it brings to people Hourly! It is true. I know the Book of Mormon, all 531 pages additional to the Bible, are his words and that as applied in our lives we will receive his image for we will be like him. I know that prayer, real sincere, heart-felt prayer is answered every time. It’s when we seek for answers with a 10 cent effort that we don’t receive the million dollar answers! I know that attitude is altitude and that we are agents unto ourselves and we choose if we are happy in this life or not. (Alma 29: 4-5) I know that it is by the atonement we survive every minute of the day! Without it we would continue to digress and would never be able to become like God. I know that man may be like God, for as we are, He once was. I have loved all 17,520 hours of my mission! It’s been tough, it’s been absolutely rewarding, best thing I could do for my life in directing my course, and helping others find it as well. I hold to with the prophet Joe Smith after all that is said and done the most important thing to do it so preach the gospel! I love you all, and til we meet again, nuff love, nuff respect and bless up yu selfs!

Elder Wilkerson

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