Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Well gosh, I hate to be short, but sometimes it happens and today is one.  
Thanksgiving was good. We spent it at the Hilton as we were invited by a few tourists that are CEO from a company Elder Whitlock worked at and Elder Carter new him so it was sweet spending some time with some millionaires! 
Zone meeting did go super well! We talked about the Christmas initiative that the church is putting on. With the youtube take over and the New York times square ads it’s going to make a big difference in the mission. Plus each companionship is to hand out 10 cards! And that’s one thing we talked about in zone meeting that we need to open our mouths more!!! So that will help a lot and increase attitude and desire. 
Church was good, we had 3 investigators there. 2 are new -  Jenny from Peru and Jackie from Bahama -, both will be going back to their countries in like 6 months..
Had some great trade offs and learned some other things,but today we have lots of things to do for transfers. We have been driving since 5, quickly email you and send in gas receipts and back to Mo Bay, Ochi and possibly Sav. Already have been in Kingston  and Port Antonio today. It’s raining hard, lots of rock slides and mud slides through Stony Hill, one of my favorite roads to drive, and probably the most dangerous. But all is well. Love you, sorry for short details.
Nuff love

Elder Wilkerson 

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