Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Well shoot, I always feel so bad when I cut our emails short, but I guess the Lord is really pushing me to be busy and finish hard. When I feel it is hard enough there is always more mountains to climb and we are going to need more strength to accomplish them! This week was nuts indeed. Started with 17 hour driving. That smoked our Monday and then Tuesday was good. I had Elder Havili as my companion as Elder Whitlock went assistant to the president. We had a good day and then finished it with some splits in Elder Carter and Lafeyette’s area. It was also Elder Carter’s last day and he stayed the night with us. In the morning, it was great to talk with him and see the progress in us both throughout the rest of our missions! So Wednesday was transfers. I picked up Elder Henderson for my next companion there. I got to serve around him a bit in Kingston, the guy is amazing. Super energetic and ready to go all the time which is great, we got lots to do this transfer. We got back with about 40 minutes to spare and Elder Henderson just coming from Bahamas wanted to knock doors! Man, it’s the first time I have done that. I quite enjoyed it!! And it seems like it will be more fruitful than catching people on the streets who are somewhat forced to talk to you. I’m shore it looks different from other missions, but we got a lot of finding to do. Our area has kinda been suffering. We had to have a few drop lessons this week, but I was thankful that they were really powerful and the spirit was felt strong and differently for these people. As we had our companionship council this week Elder Henderson said I could work on loving the people and area more and that would help me feel the desire to be here more. (he asks lots of questions).. but it’s cool, our companionship is off to a good start.  It’s been weird adjusting with soo many different personalities. It’s really making me stretch. But we had some good experiences this week, meeting with an apostle of the lord with the priesthood authority from the pentecostal faith, and also being ran off some porches (everyone has to have one of those), it’s probably from knocking doors cuz that had never happened before in my mission and I only had 3 months to go! But things are going well. We are about to leave the mission office cuz we  had to drive into Kingston again today to bring a missionary to the doctor. We have mlc tomorrow, and christmas/zone conference with Elder Martinez from the 2nd quorum of the seventy Wednesday.  Love you all -  so glad to hear all the great things that are going on back home! Keep up the strong work!

E Wilkerson

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