Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Well, the week what more to say. Christmas was busy, it was good to see everyone in the fam. Sorry for not being able to talk to some extended! But with all the busyness of the week, it was hard to see people. We got a few lessons in that were profound, soon talk to you about those. But mostly did a ton of contacting! On Christmas we made cookies and brownies for members and investigators. Something else that was good about this week though was we had a trade off in Negril. We split their area and I had the opportunity to serve with Elder Biddulph. From him I got to learn great teaching skills and how to just be chill with all that is going on. The motto from our branch mission leader would be: Jamaica no problem, people problem. We had some good contacts though that should be able to help build the branch. Turns out they only have like 10 active members... that’s stressing.
But one of our great lessons for the week was with a sweet lady named Joyce. She let us come over the day after Christmas. She usually brings a friend of her church to the meeting and they both try to tear us apart using the bible.. it doesn’t work though. Thankfully she is sincere in her tactfulness to confound us and still learn. But her friend couldn’t make it, so she invited her two daughters into the lesson. We taught more about the Book of Mormon after answering her 2 pages of concerns focused around my boy Joe Smith. You know the real cool thing about the church is that we can fulfill Alma 26. That we can boast in our God and his word because it makes sense and can confound any other doctrine combined with the spirit. Her meetings are some of my strongest in the mission. By the end it was cool to see that she believes it’s true, but is scared to pray and read it to find out if it is cuz she is a little older and would have to change all she has been doing. It will be a battle, but it was cool to see anyhow, just need prayers that she will follow the promptings she gets. Also that we will be able to work more with her daughters and family. 
We didn’t get to meet with Damion this week, but hopefully we will have a story this next week.
But that’s bout all for the week, Elder Johnson and Howard we took in to go home today so we have to hold down the fort in Mobay for the next couple of weeks. Crazy how close to time is coming, trying to find the balance between planning and not worrying about future plans. That’s probably the number one thing I struggle with is not stressing cuz I can’t seem to get it all done. 
Thanks for everything. Take care, I love you!

Elder Wilkerson 

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