Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

I can’t believe it has been another week. It is going too fast, even though we have lots to do still. I just have check points each week to keep the desire burning, pday Monday, Wednesday meetings, Friday weekly planning and Sunday church. This week we have zone meeting to prepare for, it’s little things like that I look forward to being out of here for! It’s probably terrible to say, cuz there will be other life challenges, but it’s tough. I wish to be a foot soldier again, but it’s been good. We are planning to teach more on conversion and to have some talks to see some conversions from the scriptures and how they took place. And also to talk about goals, as many of the missionaries are getting discouraged as they don’t see immediate results. Many more thoughts needed and revelation cuz we aren’t shore yet. Hey, only 3 more. But the week was great. We did the split in Ochi we planned a few weeks back, I went with Elder Hall and it was good to see some progress they are making. We also went on a trade off with Elder Howard and Johnson. It’s really hard to help missionaries with depression. It’s been a struggle, but it’s something I feel we will have to become expert at, seems like there is a lot in the world today.
Well, as far as the area is concerned, things are going well. We had 4 planned to be at church, but didn’t show. Holidays shore take a toll on the work! But we just gotta keep smiling and working something will work out (D&C 123:17). Ishmael is doing well, he came to Friday night activity, just need to get him to church. Silburn has read half the Book of Mormon with Bro Gillette and it seems like he wants to finish it before we meet again so we pray will work out. Work for Patricia has been stressful, but everything looks okay. Sorry, I don’t have any great stories for you this week. but I’m glad my mission hasn’t been one of lots of eventful stories, but more of a life changer as I learn things line upon line, and the little personal insights I receive. It’s truly been a blessing.

Sorry, I can’t think just now.. I feel like my emails get more and more boring, but it’s about the people here in Jamaica and right now I just want to get zone meeting planned. So, I love you all and hope we can all have a happy week! 

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