Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Well this week started off fresh! We had a good prep day and ended with seeing Patricia. We read where she was at in the Book of Mormon. 1 Nephi 7.  I was bummed at first cuz I love 1 Nephi 8! But it was the chapter for her. She connected with Nephi right away and shared an experience with us from her past, and recognized an answer she didn’t know she had received in the past. The enabling power of the atonement. It was a sad story, but so glad it connected with her, and opened her eyes a lot! She came to church, but barely missed sacrament, due to the rain and she was little bit lost! But came nonetheless! She is really going so great. We are seeing her tomorrow. 

Tuesday was pretty good as well. We contacted some former's, like no information, but amazing how they still lived in the same location and that we could find them after 10 years! It was amazing cuz on the record it would say like age 19, and then meet them and it’s a different story. Age 29, married, has a house, car, and job! Whoa. The Lord really knows what he is doing. Mama Carr is one of them. She is sweet and old, but nuff family and potential. She didn’t remember anything the other missionaries taught her, other than she had 4 Book of Mormons in her house! Cool huh. Another was meeting with Angela. Taught about the gospel and the temple. She said she felt something as we talked about temples. Sometimes I think we get like even a little immune to that feeling… cuz in my mind before I was like she doesn’t look like anything is clicking, but she has Chickingunya this week so she promised next week Sunday for church. 

Wednesday of course was zone meeting. It went so smooth and beautiful. It really was amazing and teaching about the temple and focusing on the families, and finding families this week was powerful experience! It is so true! The spirit in zone meeting as we shared testimony in the role plays even about our families and temples was so real. The spirit was strong!!  And then I had a trade off with Elder Johnson, a missionary from Alabama. He really struggles with depression and pride. Like seriously. But we had a sweet trade off. Able to address those problems and he brought them up which was the easy part. As I studied for him the next morning, I learned many areas I could improve as well. He was really good at bearing testimony with enthusiasm and energy, and it's spiritual. I hope I can acquire some of that! We taught the Scarlett's about plan of salvation and the temple and had a great, touching experience with them as well! The other event that is pushing my mind that day is we went to church.  It’s called the meeting place. Some religion based out of Bahamas, some white pastor lady, anyways to the meat of the matter. My mouth was almost to the floor the whole time! I could not believe it. I am so thankful I was raised in this church, but I wish I went to that one earlier. Or any I’m shore. Not to bash on others, but the speaking in tongues I experienced, the shaking and rolling and "getting in spirit", the drums, the "make a joyful noise to the Lord", it was madness. But it was an invite from a investigator Elder Johnson is teaching and now she is like so converted to our church, so well worth the experience! Only thing that really displeased me was shouting "Jesus" over and over and over for the whole 1 hour praise and worship service. Something I definitely think everyone should experience to strengthen their testimony. Haha.

Thursday we taught several more lessons about the temple or at least in it. Jason knows the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet. Just got to get him to church! Soon come! But for our Thursday event. Hmmm should I tell you.., We were teaching a lady up in Cornwall courts, and all the sudden we see this bright light, and my comp was like only cops have those kind of lights. I was like someone is probably tooling us.. It happens all the time and kept teaching.. Oh mind you.. we are sitting on cinder blocks out front, but shore enough, police creep up and are like: Police! No one move! Police! No one move! Stand up hands in the air! I turn to find three M16's pointed in my face and one man with the pistol and light. Checked us out for a second and then rolled out with nothing to say. I mean what could they say... you just held up a bible study, two white man and everyone had a Book of Mormon in the air. One thing I will tell you, police are no funny business down here. You run, they shoot. You look suspicious - you're dead. Turns out there was a few people killed earlier in the hour. I love Jam rock! Always exciting.

Friday we decided to try a new finding technique when everything went sour for plans. We decided to go up to this new stoosh  scheme and offer rich people service. It was inspired. I was scared at first, but really thinking about it rich people are people with jobs and lives and families are usually the most stressed and need help. The first 3 houses said yes. What a trick or treat session!!! So we got some service next week.

Saturday was national service day and we chopped lots of macca off the highway in front of a members school. So macca is like hawthorn bushes. We are little scraped up, but it was good bonding time and great food! Also decided while still in service clothes we would go look for more opportunities in the same area as yesterday, Irwin meadows. First house said sweet words to our ears as we asked for ideas on who else does she know that might need help. Quote: " well most everyone on this street probably could use the help, they are all pretty busy and have been living here less than a year. They are all young, professionals who have families!" God bless! We have found the hot spot! So excited to spend some time up there this week, I kid you not, service will soften anyone's heart, even the busy and rich! 

Sunday was really rainy but we found a less active that hasn't come to church in 10 years and her family lives with her. Started to address her concerns.. there is still more, but just goes to show how much God is blessing this island and the angels are working hard. Thank you for the prayers, they work. I repeat they work! I love you all and hope you have a blessed week! 

love, Elder Wilkerson 

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