Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Yah, Hero's day is pretty lame. I don’t even know if they party, but pretty much everything closes down and everyone stays home. I'm not real shore why, but that’s how it rolls. Yah, primary programs are great, they should do them here, but they do not. We barely have a primary here in Mobay, too many old folks. Soon change that though!! 
We have been making heavy preparations for zone meeting this week. We got bumped ahead 1 week, cuz someone from the Seventy was supposed to join us but won’t be able to. Yes, we procrastinated! But we are lookin good now! We plan to teach with the end in mind, really focused around finding families, and getting to the temple which of course you probably think is silly, cuz of course that is the goal, but with all the emphasis on baptism, our retention has been poor and we need a recap and also to focus us on finding the right people. The way the church will take off is easy stated in 6 words. families-families, doctrine-covenants, redeemed -sealed. Families are to save families whether extended, immediate, or just our spiritual brothers and sisters. We teach doctrines and make covenants. They are redeemed and sealed and stay that way more as they are supporting each other in living the gospel. I’m really excited for this meeting, and then just one more then zone conference. It’s terrible to state it that way, but boy it really is stressing. Maybe I just over think the whole thing. Just glad I’m not the mission president. I listened to a talk this week by Elder Holland. I believe it was called to serve, a talk he gave in 2002. But the story he shares about the wife and the bishop, so true. And I just want to BIG UP all of you that serve so faithfully and time consuming in your various callings, and good example!
This week was great though, yes we had transfers again. We just keep getting a more and more blessed zone. It really is cool, so much potential. Now just to can it and direct it in the right path. We really are doing well, but with more serving with our minds, we could be so much better off! Myself included. It’s a tough one it seems, but in the end it really is easiest. So like 10 hours off driving for transfers, minor details. We had some progressive lessons this week, even though none really solidly moving towards baptism right now, too many running the mouth.  One of which was Chrishnah, he really is awesome, great questions that are out of this world and twist your mind in so many ways, but sincere about it. Thankfully this lesson was able to channel all those questions. We listened to another Elder Holland talk, from 2013 conference “Lord I Believe”. It’s okay to have questions, and that truly is how we learn, but we must hold the ground we have and forever fan the flame of our faith! It was straight forward, no questions, if, ands, or buts and his faith is really growing. Also, he  was sharing with his friend things he knows about the pre earth life, something he use to struggle with! Yes! Another was a tender mercy of the Scarlett’s. We were planning to see them, but they weren’t answering the phone. No one really lived out by them so we were debating even going, but we were prompted to journey on. We got there and Brother Scarlett was chopping his yard, even though he is still recovering! Whatcha, thankfully we had 2 machetes in the van, and this is probably the first time I cut a whole yard in shirt and tie. Brian was just laughing the whole time, service really does soften people up. She really is going back to Utah this year to work, so that is kinda putting a dent in our plans, but we decided once we get them more serious(and this is a joke by the way, but I guess more of a dream) we will do a skype baptism. I’ll baptize Bro Scarlett and my dad can baptize her in Utah and it will be sweet! Haha! Cool story huh, but it’s still a work in progress!
A lot of our progression right now is coming from finding and working with less actives which really is some of my favorite visits, but eventually referrals will come from that effort I do know! So soon come! Patricia and family are the next ones that probably will get baptized. She hasn’t come to church yet cuz she has been sick, but is working towards Nov 30th baptism. And she also got the job at Mega Mart(biggest shopping center here) as the manager, so she is elect and just doing well. Things are going well, not much to complain about. I’m loving what I am learning as we give we get much more. As we teach we learn more. It’s a crazy system but it works fo realz! And maybe next week my email will be formatted correctly. I’'ve made a goal to be more ProFRESHinal! :) And I guess everything falls into that category. Which is kind of a tough battle, between worldly speech and Patwah or proper and respectful. I feel it’s easier to get along with everyone with gangster vibes, but guess there is a time and place for everything and that’s part of the test, to be balanced people! But love you all, take it easy!!

Elder Wilkerson 

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