Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well shoot, this week was a bit of a drag. In terms of numbers it was terrible, but we got some good things done and met some great people! I guess we can start with Tuesday.
We got to go back and do service for Nateisha. Only in Jamaica would it take so long to move a pile of "Dirt". It was mostly clay and concrete block pieces and huge stones. We had one wheel barrel and half a shovel. We used a piece of rebar as a pick. Haha! It took way long and didn’t even finish. But we decided to go back on Saturday to finish, invite her to church and also to let the community see us working. Ha, it worked. We also saw Patricia cuz it was her day off.  Taught her about covenant making and keeping and the gospel. She really is doing so great, you can tell she is excited cuz even with all the negative comments at work and such she still tells everyone she is studying with us and considering baptism. She missed this past week for church, but doing well over all.
Wednesday we had district meeting in Montego Bay, and went over the importance of the area book again. We had a lot of our lessons fall through as well, all week we did, even the most solid of solid ones we did! Oh well, it’s all part of trusting in God and finding what he really wants to be done and not just what we think would be best. Great opportunity to remember who’s work this truly is! We instead went and found some less actives and hope to work with them more since they haven’t been in contact with any one from the church for 5+ years. We also talked to some people on the streets. We have been really trying to consecrate ourselves and find the right people, "the Elect" to build the kingdom here, so we determined to talk to people that we would normally be afraid to Open Our Mouths to! It’s tough at first, but with faith that this message is for everyone, we Will find them. We contacted this sweet family, and hope to see them this week. We then packed and left to Ochi, to stay the night as we had Missionary Leadership Council on Thurdsay.
Thursday, MLC was good. It took all day of course to have it and then travel back. It was really good, we talked about true conversion more and how we don’t baptize people until they really show the fruits. We went over the Lord’s standard for baptism mostly and some other things, but that was the main point. It’s cool to see how the mission is really coming into the way it should be, and no one really knows these big changes are happening cuz they are so small. We work on one thing to change in the "mission culture" or in other words what happens when leaders aren't around. We have one thing worked on per month, and the changes are great! (Alma 37:6-7) guess that would be the perfect scripture for the things that are happening here. There is more to it than that, but I won’t bore you with the minor details. 
Well Friday was actually our set goals and make plans day. With the sad situation we were in this week we ended up planning for like 6 hours and then we really set some goals to find the elect. That meant opening our mouths to those just getting out of a bmw or a big house. We think these are terrible situations and are going to be so awkward, and they might be for the first 20 seconds, but then don’t forget our message is awesome! We then went out to put it in practice. First one was a test, a nice family getting in the car and here comes us. It turned out horrible cuz he just want to bash and hardened his heart, but Elder Whitlock says it was the test and the next would be elect. She was. We called at Natanya's gate, offered service at 8:30 at night, slipped in the restoration and she wanted to read the Book of Mormon. She recently had a brother die and she tapes her children’s coloring pages and weird things to the fridge, come on that’s a perfect mormon mom!! We are seeing her tomorrow. But really, to all that are kinda worried bout sharing the gospel, if it truly is the only church run by the Savior, open your mouth and tell people. It’s a marvelous work and wonder. Gosh, I’m going to miss being a full time missionary. I still cannot believe my time is winding down. I really would extend if I could. 
Saturday more service of course, and then met with Chrishnah. We finally pin-pointed his big problem, the Godhead. He is great, but is moving to the states next week for a year. One day he will get baptized, but I hope to keep the link, he really is a neat guy.
Sunday was different again, it’s always is nerve racking, a church full of converts, young in years of experience. I somewhat understand why Paul was so stressed. But we had the primary program this past one. We had quite a few investigators there. The children really are brilliant, they gave some amazing talks. I wish I could have recorded them, even though some did. The worst part of all was this young boy with nuff style gave his talk then said in the name of Jesus Christ and then threw the mike up for the audience to give an amen. It worked and then everyone was clapping and stuff. Ha.. now our investigators think that is what we do.. oh boy. It was pretty good though. Diana, the sweet less active we thought we were getting through to called and said she doesn’t want to study anymore. but we found some other good things to do, but nothing spectacular. Sorry, kind of a boring email to read I’m shore. But it can’t all be downhill, the mountains to climb are great and I’m glad they are there, so we can see the Lord’s hand in our life sooo much even when it is smooth sailing. Love you all, bless up!

Elder Wilkerson

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