Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Well, this week really was a lot better, and thanks for the prayers. We can talk about that subject later. but this week started out really good. Let me see if I can be a little more specific, but brief as well, as we got to be in Kingston by 4 with Kino Eulette, a soon to be missionary from Montego Bay. We had a really good family home evening with our recent converts. Pat is doing well also. The family missed church again cuz of some other pre-arranged stuff, but they are tearing up the gospel and loving it. Tuesday we did service again and saw some great less actives. That’s not a very good sentence, but they are great people just a little off with life. It’s got to be tough, as all the members are so far apart from each other. They live in like their own communities, but it’s great for finding which we did a lot of this week. We found 6 new investigators this week. Bless up! But Ishmael was one we found on Tuesday night. We had about 15 minutes before we had to go in and we had made a goal to "fear no man", that we would talk with those that we would normally not talk to cuz they look busy or drive a bmw, or any other irrational excuse. Ishmael was the first guy we met. He has two taxis and I need to get pics of the one, it’s got bible quotes and phrases ALL over it!! He has done a lot of searching for the truth. Funny thing was the other missionaries gave him a track like hours earlier and so he felt God was calling him. He has great desires to be baptized, it’s interesting having to teach faith and repentance first not to build the desire to baptize but just to understand. Cuz he is confused, but he don’t know it. 
Wednesday was sweet too. We went to Elder Dean’s district meeting and learned about being balanced missionaries and working on all the Christlike attributes to strengthen us, and make us better tools for God! Really good, I needed the review. After, we drove back down for our interviews with Pres. Brown. We talked about study, and he committed me to read 10 pages a day. Also, he shared with me a quote, I think by Elder Eyring: " how long should we study the scriptures? until we feel the spirit of the Lord, and then a little more." Very cool. Also talked bout prayer and some other things, learned about praying always! But Elder Whitlock just notified me we gotta go. Needless to say, we had a good week. The work is going strong, and.. I love ya!

Elder Wilkerson 

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