Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

This week was hot! Not temperature wise.. I’m indifferent to that now. But we really had a great week. I Know that God really does want us to Pray Until Something Happens. PUSH! That many of our desires and things we want are only attainable through wearying the Lord in prayer. I have seen it this week! Through zone meeting and our missionary efforts. One day in particular was Saturday. We were looking for a less active, well two of them actually, and our teaching pool still wanted some great investigators. We petitioned the Lord for help and also the fasting was involved, but we were lead to this sweet family. Sister Scarlett! She works where? Take a guess. Utah! Ha ha, at the Canyons ski Resort, easy in for Elder Whitlock and I. Her husband is a police and they are both strong Baptist but whoa their vibes.. they are awesome. We are going back Tuesday to see them. We also have found several more former's by accident this week, well I don't if I can even call it that. The Lord Truly knows his people and where they are and when they are ready!(3 Nephi 17:4) They are not lost! I haven't seen eyes light up the way I have this week. A tender mercy indeed. 
Zone meeting was swell. The spiritual aspect went a bit long and cut short our role play or practice time (which I have grown to love). The ability to council is very important for success in anything, marriage, business and improvement. I was straight up nervous at first but that left quickly, I’m close with like everyone in the zone which is nice and things ran pretty smooth. My part of the spiritual aspect was taken from "Give me this Mountain” by Spencer W. Kimball.  Great talk. Elder Whitlock’s was taken from: “Begin with the End in Mind” by Russell M. Nelson. Another great discussion talk. I thought teaching for 3 hours would be tough, but it was smooth like butter, I just pray the next one will be better now that I have feel for what I was supposed to be doing!! And that's the thing, 2 minutes of relief "whew I’m done, shoot.. what will we teach in a 4 weeks??" Kinda stressing, but stress makes us grow. 
Favorite scripture this week:( Helaman 3:27-30) we really pound in how the basics are so important! And they are, yet we still forget so quick, or we get into a thoughtless routine and it becomes a duty instead of a relationship, a blessing and something sought after. Yes, scripture study, heart felt prayer and involved church attendance will divide asunder all the evils that are thrown at us. And at this time of life we are going to have to step up our testimonies if we don't want to be shot down into that pit of misery and be lost in the carelessness of this world. I know that as we do these 3 simple things we will hold out faithful to the end.  I'm so excited for last mission General Conference, and something I have realized is Saturday is probably one of the more important sessions, that is where we get to Sustain our leaders. All are great, but the little things are really coming to mean so much to me. Hope you all have a blessed week, and take care!

Love, Elder Wilkerson   

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