Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

This week I guess a theme was played out in all of our teaching and it came from Mosiah chapter 2, mainly verses 21,24, and 41 (my favorite). But as we are trying to rebuild our teaching pool we are working with several less active families which we believe all are that way due to offence. It’s so sad to see how the small and simple things become so big! It can go both ways for good and for bad! I think that for this reason it’s one of the biggest lessons I have learned on my mission. Come what may and love it (2 nephi 2:2) these problems and trials will be Consecrated for our favour. Without problems and challenges there is no way to grow. We Must choose Not to take offence. (James 3) if a man not offend in word, the same is a perfect man. We all know we are not perfect and on many occasions we do the offending on top of Choosing to be Offended. Even this week we have a recent convert who said they are leaving the church cuz they got some money stolen at church! Of course things Should Not happen!, buttt.. they can happen anywhere, and WHY walk away from the church, the truths you cherish, your foundation of happiness? Are the people in the church true? Or is the Book of Mormon, Jesus the Christ real, and God's love and perfect understanding and doctrine? I hope we can all stay rooted for when those storms come in our life, for they surely will (Helaman 5:12). I have really learned all these trials help us REMEMBER who we are and who God Knows we Can become! Sometimes he has to knock us flat so we are forced to look up at him, other times, I don't know.. maybe just to strengthen our faith in him as we yoke up and totally surrender to him. I pray we can all have the same faith as talked about in the scriptures, live with unwearyingness that we may be blessed Forever!! And the way we can help others I think is to gently P.U.S.H. them and love them. Push= Pray Until Something Happens. (Like Mosiah 27:15?) I am so thankful to be on a mission. Blessed in all things temporally and spiritually (Mosiah 2:41), let us Remember and be FaithFull.
Another cool thing I learned this week, which probably isn't news to you all, but that in 2 Nephi 31:13 where it says we will be able to speak with tongue of an angel, that in 2 Nephi 32:2-3 that that tongue is the spirit bringing things to you to say, and that pretty much every lesson we try to speak with tongue of the angels, so cool!
Well, this week is going well, we had to drop off a potential missionary last night in Ochi and have to pick him up today. Also had to earlier in the week pick up an Elder from Ochi and take him to Negril so really racking up the road time and haven't had much time in our area this week. P.S. We just got our mission gas card so hopefully we are done racking up the home cards, I’ll probably be broke when I get home, but every penny and lesson learned will be worth it. Even if I have to ride a bicycle back home for a few years ha!  But some cool things that did happen: Bro Powell being baptized( Elder G and Johnson candidate). I got to interview him, great service, and we should have 3 following in the following 3 weeks here in Mo Bay! Preparations for zone meeting this week, so stressed, gotta teach for 3 hours! Yikes! Mostly prepared though. And some awesome talking to everyone experiences.  Also found a former that had lost contact with the missionaries after 1 contact with them and for 4 years has been wanting to learn more. She accepted baptism in our first lesson and is just awesome! Thank you for PUSHing out for me through prayers and other ways I do love you all so much. Bless up!
Elder Wilkerson 

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