Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

This week was tremendous, so much learning and study upon my side. We had Missionary Leadership Council this Thursday, and I guess I’ll talk bout that first. We taught for 1 hour on retention of converts and using the new and returning member form. Boy I learned that councils can be tough. I can’t imagine being over the affairs of the church and have to be unified with all 15 of them. That is a strong spirit eh. Pres Brown taught about a doctrine that has always confused me deep in the back of my head, but he unfolded it pretty easily as he does with everything! D&C 29 really talking about how we have power and Gods power. It makes for a good study, but coming down to the basics, if we aren't obedient the intelligences of the world won’t obey us, hence we have no power, but God is exactly obedient so the intelligences obey immediately. If we aren’t obedient in this life, we can’t have the celestial glory and be able to create our own worlds cuz we will have No power! Yikes.. still trying to wrap my brain around it, but a little extra motivation to live righteously, no complaints please. 
And general conference, wow it was good but short! I received answers to 11 of my questions I had or at least a pointing finger in the direction I should go, even though I feel like it was all a recap of things I have been learning in every day missionary work! Which is so cool to see how the spirit really can align us with the will of the Father and we can have daily connection with him! We missed the last half of the priesthood session due to all of Montego Bay power going out cuz of a huge storm, but we were watching it at a less active member’s home so we had a good chat with him and his girlfriend. And it was cool how we were able to get over there for that conference. We have been trying to figure out where we lives and number for weeks! We finally got his number, called him and he definitely didn't want to meet. But let the spirit do its job and fear not, he ended up listening to the mormon tabernacle choir one night and called us at like 8:30 and we weren't shore what to do in that time slot and were praying what to do. And he calls “hey, I’m listening to the mormon tabernacle choir, it’s really nice, can you guys come over and see me? Whoa! Bro Lee is solid, the testimony talks were great for him, as he feels it was all forced upon him growing up and never got his own. Power went out and we got to talk about it, mysterious ways of the Lord, but overall conference was great. I believe I got the most out of the foreign speakers, an extra spiritual strength with those men. So cool. 
Shana-lee is getting baptized this Sunday and we are doing Bobbie’s interview in Ochi tonight. We have a district leader training meeting tomorrow in Spanish town at 8:30 til 3:30 and have to teach there for close to another hour on trade off's and having a model area. But I guess there is no rest for the weak. Gotta keep going. Just glad it’s my driving day! Ha-ha. 
Well, I guess that is about it for the exciting highlights of this week other than we have started to see more persecution maybe cuz conference was coming up, but lately we have had people chatting us bad, or cussing us off their porch. Haven't had that much in my mission so it’s good to get a taste you understand! (Matthew 5:10) racking up blessings, boom boom pow! rejection, yes! boom boom pow: blessed are those that are persecuted for my names sake. ha-ha)
But the work really is going good, the only thing to complain about is we have like 40 potentials that are saying yah I will meet with you but next week, and then we get more and it’s just frustrating to plan with so many people. But we are going to start trying to resolve that blessing this week.
Love you all, keep up the good work in all you do! Bless up!
With Rohan and Tracey - two of my favorite members in Ocho Rios

With Bro and Sis Hardy (branch Pres. in Ochi) - my mission Grandparents

Elder Wilkerson  

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