Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

Well, this week has been a blessing! I have learned so much from trade offs, to examples of Christ especially as I gave a 25 min talk on the perfect love of Christ! We worked hard this week and got a whole leap done. Lots of biking and among the other things I have learned I have learned I’m way outta shape! But down here in the mish they have a famous saying of 6 months to sexy. So I guess it’s bout that time, and to get into rhythm! We met some new investigators one of which is Bobbie. He is a Rasta. Hopefully I’ll i get some good pics this week, I have been a slacker on that note! But Bobbie is awesome. First lesson bout restoration he had studied up on the Priesthood and was committed to church! Just a solid guy. Wednesday we did a trade off in Port Antonio. It was bout 3 hours of taxiing to get there. Not a fun drive if you don’t go the speed limit, and that’s what taxi drivers do best! It was cool to be in a house with 3 Jamaicans. Now I really know what chatting is! When it’s straight Jamaicans and they don’t have to slow down for us white guys, good luck understanding. Well, I don’t really want to bore you with the facts of who we saw or what we taught, it’s the same 5 lessons in preach my gospel. But one thing I did learn as Friday night I was called to speak in church. As I was studying up a bit I was to look for opportunities to have experience with that. Well sometimes we pray for things we don’t want, but it was a good experience none-the-less, I’ll tell you about it. We went up to see an investigator, it’s close to a bar and this drunk yute, probably bout 25, came up and was all rude saying things that I need not repeat, and don’t use your imagination too much. Anyways, it gets to the point where I am just trying to ignore him which doesn’t make him happy which at this time me and my comp just wanna knock him out! Well... he thought it first. This man hits me across my face. I was shocked and at the same instance the scripture I read earlier was "turn the other cheek" and "do unto others as you want to be treated" whoa. Christ of all power had to do that a lot. It was hard not to revile. I just took it to which I received another. But the crazy thing was after the second I just felt bad for this man, I wanted to help him. But anyways, someone escorts him out. 
Had lots of opportunities to see the commands of Christ in action and it truly is a hard law to live for many, especially down here. One found in 3 nephi 26:19 - contention is of the devil. But if we really remember him always, pray for those that accuse, persecute and lay fingers pon us,  new love will come in our hearts and like Mosiah 5:2 we will not desire after those ways anymore. If we truly have faith in Christ, we will keep all these many difficult commands even if it is hard cuz we Know it will Bless us! 
But I guess the other fantastic part of the week was church! We had like 10 investigators there and it was just a killer meeting! The Spirit was strong and we got a new Branch President. Elder Hardy from one of the senior couples, it will be a blessing for this branch. Elder Hall and I taught the second class bout prophets and a focus on sustaining leaders and even members, which was cool that we were inspired to do that cuz we didn’t know we were getting a new Branch President. So cool how the spirit works, he shore does a great job, glad I don’t have that role! Ha, but it was good to train the members on their role and help them see it’s them that make a good branch president. And last was like a getting to know the branch/ testimony meeting. It was great and all our investigators said they are coming back which is cool cuz sometimes you go to church just praying that nothing tooo strange will happen today.  Bet it was like that in the days after Christ died. A bunch of new converts running the church and trying to add in different ways they think it should be done. But things are going great all over the island. What a blessed place to serve. Love you all and your support, and your Christlike desires, let all continue to work on our goals and do the best we can to fulfill our masters plan. Have a blessed week!

Elder Wilkerson

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