Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014

Well this week was killer, we made lots of less active visits with the Hardy's since they are the new Branch President, well I guess technically just him, but it was great to get to go around the area in a car- this place is just way to hilly for me! Elder Hall smokes me up those hills! Thankfully the visits were a success, we found several part member families to work with, lots of back to school blessings, and this week the church attendance was tripled! Whoa! It was great, if it keeps up we soon will be sitting people on the steps up the stairs! We had quite a few investigators come as well. Bobby is progressing great, he is growing in his understanding of the priesthood and it is his desire to obtain it! Love that man. I will send you a pic this week. Hopeton is  doing well also. We assigned him this past week with like a primary assignment to help build his relationship with his mom cuz she isn’t going to let him get baptized til she sees the changes! Thankfully, this Sunday we had a great chat with her, she is seeing the changes and wants to learn how to strengthen her family and learn more bout the church. But as far as his assignment went, was he had him do one nice thing per day leaving behind a paper heart! Worked like a charm! He is on date for the 20th and is excited to be a member. It’s sad to leave behind so many great investigators, but the cool thing is as zone leader, and Elder Hall as district leader, we will get to interview them for baptism! 
We had transfer calls this week, I will be back in Mo Bay tomorrow and Elder Hall is training, and many other great changes are happening in the zone, although 3 of our stellar missionaries are headed home. It’s weird to think that MY trainer goes home next transfer! But it will be great, also I get elder carter back in Mo Bay. he has 2 more transfers so that’s sweet!
One of the highlights this week was Missionary leadership coordination meeting. I once again forgot my notes... I’m bad at that. But one topic was chickungunya...(which i already got) don’t worry its going away now.. then obedience and there are problems in the mission, but Elder Cornish from the seventy said we are one of the more obedient missions in the Caribbean, so that’s good but room for improvement.  One of the important parts was training schedule being formed to outline all the meeting we will have in the next year. We made our mission scripture D&C 6:3 with the theme of reaping and sowing. also 1Nnephi  3:14-15 was brought up. Nephi’s brothers had faith to sow(v14) they tried, (v15) Nephi had faith to reap! We will not go back home til we find 4 progressing investigators, til god leads us to an elect person, or something to that effect. and we have to have that attitude if we want to baptize, not only baptize but prepare souls for the celestial kingdom! And some won’t believe.. but leave them behind, we got the plates to get, people to save, and must move forward like Nephi even sometimes by ourselves not knowing before hand what we will do. That is the focus right now and I’m excited. It was great serving with Elder Hall, I learned some great things, I think Elder Whitlock did to. I’m excited to be back in our companionship and tear some things up in Mo Bay! 
Hope you are all enjoying your next school year, and that you all will have a  good week! Seemed like traffic was lessened when school was in back home, but traffic is a mad house with kids in school. Oh well, bless up and have a great week! 

Elder Wilkerson

View from my house

My good friend, Bobby

Hopeton, Stephanie and Jevan family 

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