Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Well, where to start. This week was great and my vision continues to unfold and brighten each day! On Tuesday we went and saw a less active, she is awesome. We also taught a few of her friends that were there playing bingo. Her husband used to be the branch pres. As we were cleaning out our area book we found about 50 referrals from that family that hadn’t been baptized, but probably another 50 were baptized from this one family. The power of one is awesome. We look forward to working with this family more! 
Wednesday we had zone conference with Elder Cornish of the second quorum of the sevent., We had district leader council right before and he upped our standards of excellence with a new vision. If we are to baptize weekly, we will need more than 1 progressing each week, we need at least 4! Gosh, that guy is brilliantly led by the spirit. The meeting was very much about seeking after the one. Also on the missionary purpose, the doctrine of Christ and the process of true conversion. It was a great meeting. I forgot my notes so I can’t quote my favorite parts, but from it we were asked to prepare two talks in preparation for the meeting. I was certain I wouldn’t be called, but I am glad I did prepare something. I was asked to share my views on process of true conversion. I spoke on what we must "feel, know and understand" to be converted. I'm so thankful to have had President Brown as my mission president and the parents, brothers, family and friends that have been placed in my life to begin to accomplish this process in my life! I want to be like so many of you when I grow up! Conversion is the only path that is mine for the taking! That was the last part of the meeting focus. Are you converted and will you forever remain that way?! We had a question and answer session as well and gained some good insights there. It was a great meeting sorry I forgot my notes to share some insights, you will just have to trust me on that note!
After the meeting Elder Cornish had interviews with zone leaders and district leaders. It was sweet. He gave me some tips for the mission and for life after. We didnt get home til 10. 
Thursday we went to work calling formers, meeting with members and doing all we could to get at least 4 progressing and Elder Cornish was right, it can be done. Jamaica or any part of the world is no different. You can have many progressing, you can have great things happen in your life no matter your circumstances. It comes back to your perception, attitude and the amount of work you are willing to put in! We had 4 come to church this past Sunday and looking forward to seeing 4 more this week! 
The Ochi or Ocho Rios branch is very small. Many members have moved abroad. We had about 35 there for the Sacrament. The Sisters taught gospel principles and I taught priesthood class for the young men! I love Ochi, but there is work to be done. One thing I don’t like about Ochi is there is always tourists around and as cool as it is to be shouted out to by some white Mormons, it’s weird to see a lot of white people... haha! weird huh. But I love the mission work, it’s going great. Some days it feels like a dream, but I heard it once said, I think by the Osmond brothers, that earth life is like summer camp. It’s short and fun, but there are rules. Love you all -  enjoy your time back in school! Bless!

Elder Wilkerson

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