Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

I’ll try to answer your questions. I got 15 minutes to type. I’m learning to budget my time real well in this position along with everything else like finally money, travel miles, and more! 
How’s the work in MontegoBay? The work in Montego Bay is great! The members gave some powerful testimonies today. The branch is definitely smaller than the last, guess that’s why it’s a branch. We have close to 300 less actives in our area. We cover anything that is not capable to reasonably bike. Which is anything outta town! Nuff work and roads to learn.  But got some great members to work with. Their big focus is in reactivation, not missionary work.. some struggle there.

What are your days like now and what are your new responsibilities? The days are I would say more effective. We gotta plan well to stay in mileage limitation of 4000 KM. Other than transfers and other president assignments, the days are much of the same, but in a truck! In a/c! But as for transfers, going over the speed limit to get everyone picked up from their areas it took 10 hours. Then my elder got a ticket.. but so did the assistants on Wednesday, haha both for 5000$. But we made a resolve to go the speed limit and it took 13 to go back! Wow. But the Lord will provide a way to accomplish and we must obey the laws! #'s need to be reported by 10 at night. We have like 12 companionships in our zone? And then follow calls and planning through out the week for meeting and improvement of the work! Missionary leadership correlation meeting once a month. So another 1000 km easy. That is this Thursday.  Thankfully, I have been around the island a lot to help Elder Whitlock with directions, as he doesn't know too well!

 Do you still do regular missionary stuff or is it all just overseeing the other missionaries?  We don't do lots of overseeing.. we may have to fix problems but just like any other position or calling first minister 80% then maybe administering is needed 20%. But more serving, blessing, inspiring and encouraging than anything else! 

 Who's your new companion and what is he like? My new companion is Elder Whitlock  from Nephi. He is two transfers behind me but twice the missionary, very great example and dedicated to the work and who he is becoming. I’m excited to learn and work side by side with him! He is very humble, and reserved for the most part. But he knows when to stick his foot in and open his mouth! Great Elder!

  How are you liking the truck? The truck makes me so tired... whoosh! It’s nice on the spiritual side of it though. We’re able to listen to uplifting music, talks especially on the long trips!, opportunity to pray together privately often and of course a/c works well! Plus, it’s just fast and fuel is reimbursed even if it does take a big chunk of cash. Almost $10,000 to fuel up every 5-7 days! 

Well, sorry this is soo short. Hopefully I can fill you some details and some more spiritually enlightening details next week! I love you all so much, thanks for your encouragement and prayers. Hope you all have a blessed week!
Elder Whitlock

The church in Montego Bay

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