Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

This week has been all over. I went on a trade off to Kingston with Elder Prete. It was great, lots of driving too. Shantel is getting baptized this week, and several moving along steadily! Hopefully I’ll get back before they get baptized, hopefully not before this transfer ends! Oh wait, did I say I am in Ochi now! Elder Egan went home early for school and with 3 weeks left in the transfer they thought it would be a great opportunity for me to train the next district leader and to friendship with those in my zone that live so far away. It’s been great so far even though I only have been here since 7 this morning! We cleaned the house and that’s why I am late emailing you.. sorry, it will be short! I’m now serving with Elder Hall and Elder Whitlock is in a tripanionship friendshipping with the 4 elders in Mobay! Pretty cool I must say even though I’m back pon a bike. 
Elder Cornish from the seventy is coming this Wednesday and I need to write 2 talks in preparation for it, but it should be a neat experience. He also may do interviews with the zone leaders, pros and cons I guess, haha. 
But this week was good I must report. Many spiritually uplifting meetings and everyone is doing really good. We are teaching people that love to read the Book of Mormon! So good. But I guess the cool experience or highlight this week would be an appointment with Elder Prete.  The guy we met at a huge place with lots of noise and music playing by the end of the lesson and probably a huge chunk of it we were so involved, all of us and the spirit was strong that we didn’t really hear anybody or the music playing. The spirit blocked it all out. It’s so cool to see what we can accomplish and even the little tender mercies or miracles per say when we are on the Lord’s errand. Thy will be done. I’m excited for the 3 weeks I get to learn here and grow where I am planted. Bless you all and a safe and successful school year to all that are starting once more! Love you!

Elder Wilkerson 

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