Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

So this week has been a riot indeed! We tore it up this week with members at lessons! So cool to see both the increase of spirit, and testimonies of those we took and those being taught rocket out! At one lesson we took 4 other bikers with us and raged on one investigator! So cool to roll with my niggas (probably should get out of that habit, but it’s cool here, they call me white nigga-its got its time and place with the bad boys, remember there is potential in all even gucci mane eh!) Marlon and Lucky came to church. Both progressing and we better hear of a couple baptisms this next month! Marlon is on date for the 9th of Aug and Lucky wants to get back on track. The spirit was on fire at church yesterday!! For the first time I have wanted to go family history work due to a talk called:"the parable of keys", I’ll send it in a next email. Awesome story. 
Anyways, so yeeahh, I’m just glad I’m able to leave this area better than I found it and with some good prospects for my boy Elder Sandy. So yes, transfer calls were this Saturday and we will be moved around on Wednesday! There is an apostle that once said,: "the gospel is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable." I feel the latter. I’m pretty comfortable with missionary life style and weaving traffic on a bike and totally smoking any Jamaican in a race! I am being moved to Montego Bay as a zone leader and being placed in a truck, probably doing just about as much driving as anyone on the island. We will cover in our zone like everything on the coast! Get to see all the pretty sites! Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Savanna la Mar, Negril and of course Mo-bay! Tripling my house size and that's bout all I know! I’m scared to drive a brand new off brand truck with less than 100km on it! But the opportunity to serve, learn and grow I’m excited for and truly humbled. 
This week was cool, studies, prayers and hard work is great. I’m so thankful to be out here. Thank you for all your sacrifices so I could be here, hope I can pay back to all those that did so. A mission is hard of course, but the instruction, unforgettable. The shaping, creating and help from the master is spectacular, give yourself to God he will make a God or Goddess out of you, you and the world will and can’t make dross in comparison. I’m so thankful for the atonement and the opportunity to change! That even I like unto Ammon and his brethren seeking to destroy the church can change from that polluted state! Everyone has potential and it is our duty to help ALL that are placed in our stewardship. It won’t be easy but boy will it be worth it! Also reading the "keys parable" will open up some eyes as well! Love you all and have a bless week!!  ( link to the parable online)
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