Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Sorry, I have to cut this email short.. gotta go pick up my terrible bike at the shop and we went and got a Pricemart card today to save money and get some better food!! Took up like all the day along with house cleaning..  
This week was pretty alright. We found lots of potentials through service and just talking to everyone around the appointments we were already at! Our only progressing investigator is moving to the other side of the island!! Romario is going to get baptized in Mo Bay and he is ready so that will be cool! We are all on the same team, so whatevas!! I’d say a next person that is coming on good is Jackie. She is a friend of a former Branch President, her yard is one of the quietest in Jamaica, could feel the spirit so strong. She left to NY for 3 weeks, but I feel good bout this one! We have lots of males that we are working with. All have word of wisdom issues, but church attendance is our first problem. We have had really solid lessons with them all though. But really our power is through less actives right now, several want to still serve missions and we are going to help them do that!! A lot of them are Catholics too.. I don’t understand how people can’t see the whole picture, the restoration breaks it down so smooth. I’m so thankful for the simple truths of the gospel. I’m thankful I could grow up without having to be on that search for truth even though I think it would be cool to be a convert. Thankful I could avoid many tricks of the devil as we have the commandments and church leaders to guide us and keep us safe. In zone meeting this week we learned a lot about taking what we gain from our head to the Heart, then into action. Been really studying on how to make that process happen and I think it all comes down to humility, prayer and the spirit. Also learned lots bout gratitude (Mosiah 2:18-21) this week. Thankful to be out here learning sooo very much. I know sometimes you may wonder from the sloppy emails I send, guess I need to work on that as well. Well, that’s all I can think for right now. Bless you all and please have a wonderful week! 
Elder Wilkerson
Does Mr. Mac replace shoes, someone said they do if you send a picture.

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