Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, 2014

I loved this week learning bout the Savior and His teachings. Man, it really is hard to be Christ-like CONSISTENTLY, but there are things that make it easier. And they are simple but take much HUMILITY! Sincere communication with loving Father in Heaven (and if anyone has tips on how to make prayers more meaningful, I'm craving for them!) Delighting in and applying your pondering of the scriptures, and following our leaders which might be parents, teachers, God or many others. OBEDIENCE to them isn't much of an option if we want the POWER in our lives. And really the pushing factor behind it all is LOVE and VIRTUE. Who are you truly doing all this for? Is it for God, your Family, Yourself? Are you wanting to do it, or is your thoughts and desires in another location, what would you choose if you had the Burger King motto always. "have it your way"? So many attributes to work on. So easy to be a hypocrite, and really that’s the only thing Christ ever condemned. It’s okay to mess up, but keep trying! It’s okay to fall short, set new goals! So I guess that’s really in a nut shell what I have learned this week. DILIGENCE is the only way! We have to do it all! It’s all important and that is what we are here for! To improve, to incorporate the characteristics of Christ into our lives! Thanks to the atonement we can. We can improve, we can CHANGE! We always are changing and NEVER have to stay the same the choice is yours! What will you do, what will you become. I invite you all  to do the Christlike attribute activity (from Preach my Gospel) once per month at least. 
Being on a mission has helped me realize this so much! EVERYONE needs this hope! Aand we GET to be a part of it. Let us help Our Father with His work! 
This video is sweet. We may not know and we won't know until we ask, until we share, until we testify. The Atonement is miraculous. I'm so thankful for it. I hope the rest of the mission I can share this more! It definitely takes diligence. It’s hard, but this is important. Nothing will bring us more joy! I love you all and am thankful for the change and hope you have given me in my life. Keep up the strong work in keeping the COVENANTS we have made. Love you all and have a blessed week!

Elder Wilkerson

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