Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hello home!
This week I don’t really know what to report on! I’m thankful for being humbled once more to realize who's work we all truly are doing. It’s not mine, it’s not yours. It’s the Lord's! We are slowly but surely getting somewhere in our teaching pool. I think the Lord just had us at a low to force us to work with the members and now as we build up the forces before going to war with the world that we will succeed much more than us trying to do it on our own! Every member a missionary, we may not have it all together but together we have it all! Less active work is the approach we have been taking! It is sweet. We are working with a brother that has been less active for 8 years.. came yesterday with the family! Small and simple things, great things brought to pass. Some simple love, simple testimony, a simple text can go a long way. Pray for the simple ways to serve and they will come. I promise they make a big difference. If not in your life, in anothers. Georgia came to church this week, but no real commitment yet.. again just keep showing genuine love and care. Especially the members.. and miracles will eventually happen. I can feel it. In Zone meeting we talked lots about Love, if you can’t tell and Desire. And our first approach with people!! How to make it a good one so they don’t slip through our hands. The key is to be genuine! Really care! Love! And this past week, I tried to think of these people as my family, picture them as my mom or dad or brothers and that I am going to do all I can to help them understand in a loving way that THEY NEED THIS GOSPEL! They may not know it, but we do! Testimony means everything. It sways people in everything that they do! What they eat for breakfast, to watch on tv before bed. And it’s the only way the gospel will roll forth! I know it. Members backing up missionaries, missionaries backing up members. We have some sweet referrals set for this week and these I can feel great about that these people will go somewhere, cuz they have multiple people who love and care enough about them. I challenge everyone to do what we have been doin with our members here. To Roleplay!! 1)Grab a bag and put random items in it 2) everyone from the family pulls out an item and let’s say you’re on the bus. 3) you got 90 secs to use the object they have (the person to the left of you) has to use the object in your hand to relate it back to the gospel and invite them to church or to meet with missionaries! Pretty fun and helpful to get feedback on how to do better and helps us have the desire to Open Your Mouth and speak Miracles. I know that as we really seek to share the gospel with friends or loved ones, we will receive an increase of joy that can come from no other source. I promise the spirit will give us what we need to say to help them find the hope and peace they need in their lives. That is my testimony and I pray we will all open our mouths more. Especially my brothers :) I know it’s possible, Im seeing the love through action down here in Jamaica! I love you all so much, I love this the Lord’s work of saving Our Brothers and Sisters, I know this is the one true and only organization that will allow us to return to our loving father in heaven! Bless up! This is the last time I come to you as a missionary from the Constant Spring Branch! So excited to see elder Holland Saturday at 7-9 live! Jamaica Kingston Stake here we Come!! Respect!

Elder Wilkerson

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