Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Well, what to say bout this week! It started rough but we pulled out just fine! All I can say is I think we go through pride cycles thinking we got this work figured out, but I forget this aint my work, and His ways are higher than mine! But we got some pretty sweet things gwan this week. Some cool learning experiences from this week was 1) seeing the Johnson family. They are less active and have had missionaries going there every week bout twice for 11 months. So I was kinda fed up with no progression really so we planned this awesome thrown down on acting. We watched “where your treasure is” from this April conference, and asked why do you think we watched that video out of anything we could do? He took it pretty hard at first, but the cool thing about it was God threw our plans out the window and the spirit did an excellent job. Opened Brother Johnson right up to us! It started us, it stopped us, and let us sit in those awkward silences for awhile. but it was perfect and brought out his testimony. Yes, we were prepared to throw down with love of course. but sometimes all those people need is a big hug, someone to listen, and show a little support. Nothing big and dramatic. Not a fancy lesson. but feeling the spirit, reaffirming their testimony and LOVE! Gosh, I need to love more, I realized we all feel down at some point and time, and someone has to and I would say that is why Home teaching is sooo Important!! Wow, I really hope that is happening before I leave JA!! 2) was with Jody. And we know that she just hates the Book of Mormon and refuses to read it. She says we have to convince her it’s true. I don’t really like that word. I think that’s the spirit’s job, but I learned that lesson soon after. We prepared many scriptures from the Bible, how they testify of the Book of Mormon. We watched a marvelous work and wonder- talked bout how Isaiah’s prophecy was fulfilled and then read a few more references. Of course we couldn’t read JUST the verses that emphasized, but the whole chapter, which I had never done before. but it was cool how it was more powerful and we didn’t get tripped up like many people do as they try to BEND the scriptures to their view. We finished by watching Lawrence E Corbridge’s talk about Joe Smith from this last conference as well. It was sweet! The spirit was strong probably for the first time with us meeting with her. She put up no front this time. So cool how the spirit is key for all of the Lord’s great work. I have decided the spirit is GLUE! We pray for it to STICK things in our REMEMERance, we pray for it to enhance our studies, we have it to tell us when to open our mouths and when to GLUE them Shut!! As we are prepared.. or do  all we can, then we will not be confounded before men. But if you don’t try, you really are on your own, no matter your calling, position, or personal knowledge and intelligence.
I am so thankful for that lesson from the spirit this week! Many other great things going on. Mainly with less actives and things happening in the Ward! We had two white families move in for business and will be staying here 3 years. But one, Bro Dewey, is the bishopric. Great to have some more experience to drive us forward faster and better! 
Spiritual experiences LIFT our faith! If you haven't had one lately, I'd encourage you to pray for some! They WILL come and you Will recognize them. Seek after the gifts of the spirit, for there are many and many blessings to obtain from these. I love you all and thank you for sharing and strengthening me with your gifts, skills, talents and love. Let us continue to lift, inspire, motivate and bless!!
With Love, Elder Wilkerson
P.S . Romario is progressing and on date for July 12th baptism! A week after TAGE! So excited for that Big guy! :)

Playing around.. at a salvation army project..waiting for the truck.

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