Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Man, sometimes I wish they had a brain usb drive so I could just stick it in an email cuz you probably don't get all the great stuff cuz I’m lazy in typing or just a lack of time! This week was pretty good I must say. In district meeting we focused on helping people work towards being progressing investigators and we were all kinda lacking in extending baptismal dates. Thankfully we got a boost on that. Really, even if they shut it down quick, we can help them more as we are bold in our message and really help them see the importance of this gospel! We had one investigator at church, but he came late. So that will be the focus this week for shore. So many little things to focus on. And really that’s all it is. It’s the little things that will help them progress not a few big things. We have been working with several less actives which is going to help us in our finding, teaching and baptizing. But we had many good lessons this week! Georgia we had to buckle down and had a lesson on Matt 7:13 on the gate and that she is at that point. Make it or break it.  She is prayerfully thinking about it. So we will soon see what happens. Sister Genius is working for July 19th, but missed church so hopefully we won’t have to push that back.  She is doing well otherwise. The other one that we have working towards a date is Romario. He is 13 and a referral from a member in Montego Bay. He came to church late, but loved it and his aunts want him to be baptized. One is a member, the one he lives with isn't. So hopefully she will sit in soon. She refused Sunday, but kept peeking in on the lesson so we will keep being persistent with that one!! But he is going to be baptized on the 13th of July. We have others to work with, but are more stubborn at this time. But many members are preparing people to be taught. It’s going to be a tough transfer again, but I'm excited to see some progression in this area. Much growth will come from less actives. We are re-teaching all the missionary lessons to less actives and many are excited about it. It’s been a great experience. They think they know it, then we go through it and they don't understand a simple truth which totally clicks and sparks them back on fire! Had 3 less actives back that are working towards being fully active and all 3 are men! So cool! I got sick a bit this week. Elder Ruesch wonders if I'm getting lactose intolerant.... get really bad gas when I eat cereal now or cheese sandwiches... ? What do you think mom?  I bought some yogurt to clear out maybe bacteria? But yeah, even though we don't have a lot of investigators to teach I feel really blessed in bring back less actives. That is just as important. I’m really starting to see the importance of the worth of every soul. Why it takes us so long to see things.. I don’t know. And then can forget so fast! But I am thankful for this opportunity to serve learn and grow. Elder Bateman is being transferred to Negril to be the Branch President. Pretty  cool to see my MTC comp stepping it up! Crazy to think that might be his last area and after this next transfer that my next area may be my last as well. It’s really picking up! Almost 8 months or 70% done. So scary. But love you all and so thankful for the support. Bless you all and have a great week! 

Elder Wilk

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