Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

We had transfers and I’m heading to Constant Springs Branch working in the uptown area and I hear it’s stoosh. Living in a two man apartment with Elder Carter. Very excited to be out of this rainy, mosquito infested swamp and going to a crazy packed city where I have 80% better chance being hit off my bicycle, fixing it more and possibly dying. :) but it should be good. I get to work around the assistants to the president, and President Brown and Elder Bateman (my mtc comp) is my Zone Leader! It is going to be much fun and hopefully give me an extra push to get more pumped about the work!! Hope you all have a crazy fun week with the New Years. I  have no idea how it will be down here.. there are party signs everywhere, so it will probably be a little wild! This past week was good though, we met with a ton of members and just really getting them pumped to do a better job and build them up for their missionary duties and it’s really showed this past week with 8 new at church brought by members and a little finding of our own! Elder Cornish came last week and I think his push was good for them as well saying the gospel is ready to be harvested in Jamaica! Go forth and spread it! So the branch is doing great.. hard to leave this wonderful branch. We also spoke on Sunday. All four missionaries. I spoke on charity and love, Elder Hunt on church and blessings of attendance, Elder Wignal on word of wisdom -  really pounding agency to choose when it comes down to Pepsi (big debate world wide, but super crazy in Jamaica, some proclaiming and enforcing the higher law like have to talk to the branch pres if drank a pepsi) cleared up well! And Elder England talked on the atonement! Great church day and the rest of the classes were awesome and packed full!! This week was rough for teaching investigators due to our bikes mashing up! Elder England bent his rim while we were out in Belmont.. borrowed a rim so we wouldn’t have to walk the 19 km. but we went like 200 yards and my derailer caught in my spokes and ripped off! so took it off and instead of walking to Sav, Elder England towed me to Sav only taking an additional 15 minutes cuz my comp is a tank and a boss cyclist!! Love that guy! So we get our bikes back today. Gotta love bikes :) But nothing too super awesome to share this week. We’re meeting with all the young men tonight at their request to know how they can do their part in missionary work! So awesome, the work of salvation is going forward! Love you all -  have a wonderful new year!

Elder Wilkerson
Christmas season dinner.

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