Friday, December 27, 2013

December 23, 2013

Sorry I'm so late posting this week.  We got to skype with Sterling on Christmas and it was wonderful.  He looked and sounded great!
Christmas Party!

Hey! Man, I don’t even know what to say! This last week was a drag and this one probably will be as well! But it was still a good learning week!  The christmas devotional wasn’t good on our end either! That was on Saturday. We just endured it and then had a branch tour afterwards that was really good! We had about 50 people show up. 45 members and 4 investigators! Really lame but glad there wasn’t more than that due to the bad connection! But as for Spanish Town where it was held, they had a great show! 780 people! Which is great cuz that’s where the first stake will be so I guess it’s only fair. Start in one location then grow the church out! Ha! Friday we had a branch Christmas dinner that we helped with and friday  night activities as well! That was great to have some investigators go to! Our teaching pool has gotten very small.. Ricardo is are only progressing.. and on date for the 12th of January and the Williams are now on date for the 5th. That’s about it, and on top of that of course no one wants to visit us this time of year! Teaching appointments are scarce.. and on top of it all Thursday just threw a loop in everything.. we were playing cards after planning and of course when you play cards a lot of pride comes to the table, but some name calling broke out and long story short an elder got punched and I just sat there cuz I really didn’t think it would happen.. but since that happened and I didn’t step up to the plate to stop it.. I’m not a good leader.. so we have a new district leader. Took a lot of stress of my back, but at the same time I feel super bad that I lost mission president’s trust, the Lord’s and Elder’s in the house even though we are all cool now! It was a hard week and really good soul searching week. I got a lot of pride to swallow but even though that experience was terrible you learn from it and move on. No missionary is perfect but gosh I guess I have gotten too relaxed and need to turn the heat back on. But especially around this Christmas season is a great time to focus on Christlike attributes and set goals for the new year! I also read 2 nephi 28 this week and got rebuked for pride as well! So I have some things to work on but I have learned to accept challenges cuz we always grow from them and don’t let it or Satan play with your attitude, just smile and look up! But as I was reading over chapter 6 in preach my gospel, it said Christlike attributes are GIFTS so hopefully I can regain some trust and receive some Christmas presents cuz it doesn’t just bless us, those gifts are to bless those around us!! Happy holidays!!

Elder WIlkerson

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